East Frisia to convey elective power


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    American Public Power Association

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    To build a new power-to-gas system with a capacity of 100 megawatts in East Frisia.

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System administrators Tennet, Gasunie and Thyssengas would like to fabricate another capacity to-gas framework with a limit of 100 megawatts in East Frisia. This could make the disagreeable north-to-south connections for vitality transport a relic of past times.


The ability to-gas innovation utilizes green power to create hydrogen or methane. Rather than electrical vitality, these two gases are anything but difficult to store and transport. A representative from Tennet as of late reported that the organization would unite with Gasunie and Thyssengas to deliver the main pilot model of a capacity to-gas plant by 2022. By 2028, extra modules will be included, until the point that the framework at long last achieves a limit of 100 megawatts.


As conceivable destinations, the representative named the town of Weener and the region of Wiefelstede, both in East Frisia. The district is as of now home to Tennet substations that fundamentally focus and forward breeze control from the North Sea. With the pilot venture, the organizations plan to pick up involvement with this sort of framework on a mechanical scale. The speculation entirety is some place in the request of the low hundred millions.


The venture is expected not slightest to well known protection from the development of new north-to-south lines for vitality transport. Interestingly, by changing over to gas the organizations could hypothetically utilize the whole German gas network with a length of up to 400,000 km.