Contactless scale keeps cleanrooms clean

A floating scale pan developed by Festo is a new solution for the industrial sector and laboratories, particularly for sterile cleanroom environments.

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    Festo AG & Co. KG

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    To make scale pans contactless by suspending them in a magnetic field.

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Festo AG & Co. KG uses superconductor technology in its latest SupraSensor concept to make scale pans contactless by suspending them in a magnetic field. At the heart of the new solution is a cryostat with a superconductor, which is fitted underneath a work surface. Suspended above this is a scale pan with a permanent magnet attached to the underside, which connects to the superconductor without touching it: cooling to adjust the temperature of the conductor allows the magnet to be kept floating at a specific distance.

In the industrial sector, a solution of this kind is particularly suitable for use in cleanroom environments where the utmost sterility is important. This is because objects brought into the screened room from outside always carry the risk of contaminating surfaces with any germs that are clinging to them. Floating solutions, however, help to keep sensitive production environments and laboratories clean and also make it easier to clean the work surfaces concerned. Because of this, the Esslingen-based company sees potential scenarios for using the scale in the pharmaceutical and medical industry in particular.

Festo AG & Co. KG