VIAVI unveils Hyperscale Data Centre Testing Solutions at OFC

The VIAVI MAP 2100 is designed specifically for the hyperscale data centre environment

The MAP 2100 is a rack-mounted bit error rate tester
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Bangalore, March 13, 2018 – VIAVI Solutions, a leading provider of test and assurance solutions for the optical networking ecosystem, has announced the company will showcase MAP-2100, MPO test portfolio, tailored for hyperscale data centres at OFC, March 13-15, 2018.

The VIAVI MAP 2100 is designed specifically for the hyperscale data centre environment. The MAP 2100 is a rack-mounted bit error rate tester that enables users to remotely test the transmission quality of the network links connecting data centres, central offices, or head ends, thereby ensuring the most efficient high-performance testing up to 200G across the network. Based on the VIAVI T-BERD/MTS 5800-100G test chassis trusted by service providers and network equipment manufacturers worldwide, the MAP 2100 was developed for facilities with few, if any, personnel present to run network tests, to be controlled from a central location supporting distributed nodes. In addition, this solution can integrate smoothly as a test point into the VIAVI vNet Fusion virtual test platform which can launch service activation and performance monitoring tests across multiple test points in a network, both physical and virtual.

According to the Cisco Global Cloud Index, by the year 2021, 94 per cent of workloads and compute instances are expected to be handled in cloud data centres and the number of hyperscale data centres are predicted to double, representing the majority of data centres globally by that year. In order to scale to manage that demand, hyperscale operators are relying on automation, even across their testing and troubleshooting functions.

VIAVI will also be showcasing the company’s portfolio of MPO testers that address the rise of ribbon fibre with parallel optics in data centres, as well as in service provider networks. The FiberChek Sidewinder, the industry’s first all-in-one handheld inspection and analysis solution for multifibre connectors, resets the paradigm for test efficiency by completely automating the multifibre inspection process with industry-leading reliability and speed. Technicians can receive automatic pass/fail results for all 12 MPO fibres in less than 12 seconds. A typical job of certifying 100 MPO connectors can be completed in under 20 minutes, compared to the industry average of 4.3 hours (a 92 per cent time reduction).

\The SmartClass™ Fiber MPOLx is the industry’s first dedicated optical loss test set that can perform all MPO Tier 1 (basic) test and certification requirements, including the need to test for length, optical loss, polarity and inspect fiber end-face condition. With the ability to meet all Tier 1 (basic) requirements in a single solution, the MPOLx helps technicians ensure a fast and reliable workflow, delivering comprehensive test results in less than 6 seconds for all 12 fibres.

Also on display at OFC, the MPO Optical Switch Module enables use of the T-BERD/MTS-4000 for multi-fibre connector applications. A single technician therefore can use the fibre test set for fully integrated and automated OTDR testing of ribbon fibre and MPO cable characterization, certification, and troubleshooting. Use of the T-BERD/MTS-4000 with the MPO Optical Switch Module can shrink test time by 50% versus legacy processes and equipment.

“The rapid growth in data volume and the shift to the cloud have forced data centres to begin adopting technologies previously reserved for service provider networks, especially high-capacity fibre,” said Oleg Khaykin, President and Chief Executive Officer, VIAVI Solutions. “In addition, hyperscale data centre operators have fairly lean workforces. At VIAVI, we have combined our advanced optical network test technologies with workflow automation requirements to produce a unique portfolio of test solutions to meet the needs of hyperscale data operators.”