TwinCAT Vision-Machine Vision Easily Integrated into Automation Technology

TwinCAT Vision
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    Machine vision easily integrated into automation technology

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Automatic detection, traceability and quality control of products are becoming increasingly important tasks across all stages
of production. These trends are aided by inexpensive cameras and high-performance computers, which enable the use of
image processing technology in more areas than ever before. Image processing has several advantages over visual inspec-
tion by humans, especially for quality control purposes. Optical inspection based on image processing can be carried out
in a highly repeatable and deterministic manner. Measurements of parts down to the micrometer range, which are almost
impossible to perform for humans, can be implemented easily.
PC-based automation combines all control functions on a PC platform and
it therefore inherently benefits from a Gigabit Ethernet interface. Based on
Gigabit Ethernet, GigE Vision is a communication standard that enables reliable

and fast transmission of image data from cameras.

TwinCAT Vision is aimed at users who are faced with the challenges and oppor
tunities of having to handle vision tasks within the control system or wanting

to do so.

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