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Combined load monitoring and 24V DC control voltage distribution

Weidmuller – maxGUARD
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    Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG

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    panel building– maxGUARD.

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    Industrial Automation

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RICHMOND, VA (December 4, 2017) — Weidmuller introduces a new addition in the Klippon® Connect portfolio of products and services for panel building– maxGUARD. With maxGUARD, the electronic load monitoring ELM devices combined with distribution terminal blocks can be customized to provide selective load protection in 24V DC power distributed systems for industrial automation applications. With combining load monitoring and potential distribution into one complete solution, this offers users time-savings during installation, increased safety against failure, and DIN-rail space savings while being highly service friendly.


The modular maxGUARD system is designed to meet specific requirements for automation control panels. It contains three main cross-connection channels– positive, negative and internal signaling. This design increases the number of possible contacts from the electronic load monitoring device outputs (positive and negative) into the terminal blocks, providing efficient connections for the distribution board loads, as well as reduced wiring. Integrated test points in maxGUARD’s terminals and a disconnect lever for load circuit galvanic isolation helps to simplify testing and troubleshooting.


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