Schmersal India has grown from just a safety product supplier to a diversified company that provides Safety services, tailor made systems and industry solutions for machine safety, says Sagar Bhosale, Managing Director, Schmersal India Pvt Ltd.

2: Foot Switch; 3: One giant leap for safety: AZM400; 4:The latest generation of safety controllers:
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    Safety switching appliances and systems for the protection of human life and machines.

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Schmersal has just celebrated 10 success years in India. How has this journey been?

The year 2017 has been a major milestone for Schmersal India as we completed Ten successful years in India. Our journey started in 2007 and since then we have created memories that will last with us forever, the milestones and achievements that make us what we are today and the vision and mission that keeps us going ahead.


Our journey over the last decade has been challenging, but there has been an unparalleled scale up in business and immense satisfaction in implementing and spreading safety awareness in industries.


As a relatively recent entrant to the Indian market, how has the company fared in terms of reaching the goals?

Ten years, more than 70 employees, one manufacturing plant, skilled sales force and an increasing list of customers who entrust us, Schmersal India is stronger than ever – with a reputation of an eminent leader in Safety products and service provider.


Our dedication to innovation, technology and long term relationship has been the key to success over the years.


We are doing extremely well and have stayed buoyant despite the reluctance from industries in implementing basic safety and inculcating safety culture in their facilities. With time, this reluctance is slowly receding which is a very positive sign.


Looking ahead, the future of Schmersal India is promising and limitless.


Safety is a very critical factor in industrial environment. What is the Schmersal USP with respect to its wide range of products for safety?

Schmersal USP is, it develops and produces an extraordinary wide range of more than 25,000 products, from basic door and limit switch for simple applications to advanced non-contact type safety sensors and RFID products for complex applications.


Our range also includes high-quality switchgears, customer specific products, Tailor-made systems and industry solutions for the protection of machines and plants in industrial automation and lift industry.


Further, we have a strong service team under the brand name of tec.nicum consisting of Functional Safety Engineers who are specialists in the field of safety technology. They plan and implement complex safety solutions – worldwide and in close collaboration with clients.


The tec.nicum service portfolio incorporates four segments:

  • Sharing of knowledge – tec.nicum academy
  • Consultancy services – tec.nicum consulting
  • Technical planning – tec.nicum engineering, and
  • Implementation – tec.nicum integration.







How adaptable are Schmersal safety products for automation in different industries?

Schmersal safety products are designed and built to global standards and are quite adaptable in various types of industries. For instance: Schmersal has a safety sensor BNS 40S with stainless steel enclosure suitable for hygiene grade - food processing industry; the "Ex Switchgear" includes products, which can be used - in hazardous areas; a solenoid interlock AZM400 having a bistable and motor-driven system for Machine Tool industry.


Rather than content with just sales & service operations, what made Schmersal invest in a manufacturing facility in India? Any expansion plans on the anvil?

Schmersal is the only company to have a safety product manufacturing plant in India. The idea is to provide our customers with newest technology features and cost effective solutions in the competitive Indian market. Understanding the changing scenarios and market requirements, our R&D team is working diligently to come up with new products for the local market. We are concentrating more on localized R&D in India while focusing, validating and refining innovation to meet customer requirements and expectations.


The Schmersal factory in Ranjangaon has 3,000 m² of production spaceand we keep on adding new manufacturing lines every year in it. There is enough scope for expansion in the current facility and further expansion will be thought of any time when we utilise our current facility fully.


Are there any specific ranges manufactured in India for the global market? What about exports from India?

Yes, there any specific ranges manufactured in India for the global market.


Some of the German designed products are over engineered, while in India we need simpler solutions in certain cases. Our Indian R&D along with the Product Management team works more closely with the local market. We have developed a Microswitch ZS 232 here in India specifically for the Indian market. Markedly we are getting inquiries for this product from the global market as well and we are propelling this product there.


We are exporting tothe SAARC countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and have distribution channels there to cater the safety product requirement. We will soon be exporting to Middle East countries as well.


We are also re-exporting to our Principal to support the increasing requirements.


What are the highlights of the new generation Schmersal switches launched recently?

Schmersal recently launched four new products in the Indian market – Two Hand Control, Foot Switch, Safety PLC PSC1, and Solenoid Interlock AZM400.


  • Two Hand Control – Now manufactured in India

Schmersal, keeping its commitment to make work place a safer place, has state-of-the-art Two Hand Control conforming to EN ISO 13851, suitable for the hand safety in hazardous area at work place. The push buttons and the Emergency stop switches provided by Schmersal are with Positive Break Contacts as per IEC 60947-5-1 and also meeting the latest standard for Emergency Stop Devices, i.e., EN ISO 13850. The control actuating devices of a two-hand control device is designed and arranged in such a way that the protective effect of the two-hand control device cannot be easily defeated and the probability of accidental actuation is minimised. This prevents the hazardous events from occurring, thus providing safety at workplace.


  • Foot Switch – Now manufactured in India

Foot Switch is a foot operated device, which is used to control the operation. With the increasing automation and safety concern in the industries, multi-process system requirement has become inevitable. A product like foot switch is widely used in the industries like printing, bending and packaging, similar applications where the operation needs to be controlled by foot movement. Schmersal India has recently developed the range of foot switches adhering to safety standards for the Indian market, giving an advantage to customer for a better and cost effective solution.



  • The latest generation of safety controllers: PSC1 – Programmable, modular, multifunctional and cost-saving

The PROTECT PSC1 safety controller is compact, has a modular structure and can be used extremely flexibly. The PSC1 makes it possible to project tailor-made safety-related solutions, whether for individual machines or highly complex installations. Furthermore, the PSC1 can make a contribution towards the realization of Industry 4.0 concepts.

  • One giant leap for safety: AZM400 – Safety Solenoid Interlock

Characteristic properties of the AZM400 include the very high holding force of 10,000 N, the bistable active principle and the electro-motorized locking bolt. This means that the new range is suitable for very large, motor-powered safety doors, e.g., from CNC processing centres. The combination of electronics and sensors represents a high level of availability from the user's perspective as well as interesting additional functions with a very high level of safety.


In India SMEs are often seen as cost shy when it comes to high quality. What is the experience on this count?

Regardless of the type of an enterprise, high quality is a linchpin that gives integrity to a business. The SMEs in India is getting with terms to this reality and have started investing considerably to maintain and improve the quality to a substantial level and on a continuing basis. We have experienced this positive change in SMEs in India as they have started ensuring quality control with a more dynamic view.


This is possible as we have solutions for every level from basic to high end which makes it techno-commercial viable for the SMEs and thus changing their image from cost shy to confident when it comes to high quality.


How strong/effective is the after sales service?

Schmersal India has a very strong after sales service support with a wide network of qualified and trained Sales Engineers at 12 locations and Distributors in 20 locations, Pan India.


Our Sales Engineers and Distributors are given technical training by our Tec.nicum Team twice a year to provide technical support, training and after sales service to customers. We have an authorized service centre in Mumbai and also an in-house service team at our Ranjangaon factory.