‘Digital twins are now active on factory floors’

-Ajey Phatak, Area Sales & Marketing Manager, BECKHOFF Automation

Use of PC-based Control will be on the rise
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    BECKHOFF Automation

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    Industrial PCs, I/O and Fieldbus Components, Drive Technology and automation software.

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    Industrial automation

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What are the leading trends in factory/process automation segment industry is likely to witness?

The following trends are likely to dominate in 2019:

• Use of PC-based Control will be on the rise as this technology is a cornerstone of IoT, Big Data, and Industry 4.0

• More MSMEs will implement Sophisticated Computerised Machine controls that enable Machine Learning, Vision, and Artificial Intelligence

• Remote Monitoring/Communication is likely to become more practised technology in the coming years

• New technologies in industrial automation will create new opportunities for manufacturers around the world

• Machine Learning will be more deployed bringing higher efficiencies in production, and

• Digital twins are now active on factory floors, analysing production efficiencies and prompting predictive maintenance. This will be implemented more by manufacturers.

What are the new products/developments expected from your company in 2019?

There are several new launches from Beckhoff for 2019:

• Beckhoff has launched the Gigabit speed Ethernet fieldbus communication technology with EtherCAT-G, EtherCAT-10G networks. EtherCAT technology remains unchanged but speed of communication has been enhanced for higher performance and data transfer bandwidth

• Beckhoff has included Image processing in its Software tool TwinCAT- Vision which makes it more comprehensive and more open. This will enable machine builders for any OEM to implement Vision based Control solutions

• Beckhoff has introduced Speech based Input and output for control systems. TwinCAT Speech

• Distributed Motion Control Technology is introduced by Beckhoff using advance techniques that reduces cabling footprint and cabinet size optimising cost

• Revolutionary Friction less Motion Control Technology for Automation in Product handling – X-Planer

• More powerful yet Compact Industrial PCs for simpler Automation tasks CX7000

• New range of Measurement Modules with higher accuracy using EtherCAT bus. ELM series IO, and

• Introducing EtherCAT and PC based Control to Process Automation industry with Intrinsic Safe I/Os and Industrial Panel PCs both ATEX Certified and IEC Ex certified. ELX and CPX series.

(This interview is part of a series on Digital Trends in 2019)