Khushbu Chaplot Chaudhary....says- ‘The user should think big, start small and move fast...’


Khushbu Chaplot Chaudhary is the Sr Manager Plantweb Solutions India at Emerson Process Management, Mumbai.

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    Emerson Process Management

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    To leverage complete value chain of data cycle, helping them to bring more efficiency, adaptability and productivity improvement with highest level of safety.

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    Industrial Automation

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What are your views on Industrie 4.0 technology overview with reference to India?

The overall awareness and acceptance of Industry 4.0 is widespread in India compared to previous industry revolutions. Currently the Government of India is also driving initiatives like Make in India and Digital India, which is encouraging Indian industry to adapt new technologies at a faster pace compared to the adoption of previous breakthrough developments. Industries are now in aggressive mode to leverage complete value chain of data cycle, helping them to bring more efficiency, adaptability and productivity improvement with highest level of safety.


What should the users look when seeking solution partners to help with Digital Transformation?

The user should be focusing on a solution partner who has capability of delivering both quality and representation of data. A partner who has capability to recommend solutions generating quality data, take ownership for supplying and executing recommended solutions and has analytical ability to represent data in user defined format as a single point responsibility, is an ideal choice. Along with looking for right solution partner, it is equally important to have defined team at user end to bring new change since adapting new technology means updating existing user SOPs and at the same time meeting regulatory compliances is critical for success of a project. RoI based calculations are most important discussion and how these solutions make more sense to their business should be the talk at the table. Lastly, the user should think big, start small and move fast.


What, in your view, are the common apprehensions of users about Industrie 4.0 technologies? How would you address them at the stand?

Return of investment is the major apprehension seen. Also, without taking plant shutdown how this will work is another major challenge they see. In depth discussions also call for how many such solution providers are available and whether all these can be implemented. My take would be Paid Pilot for such situations. Solution provider like us would also provide RoI calculations and jointly we would encourage the user to discuss the business impact and bring more value on table. Declining batch production because essential category equipment goes un-monitored, in such a case we would propose to have those financial details available to get into Pay Pack period. Also there are options for getting into ‘Site Walks’ wherein all kinds of energy consumptions, efficiency improvements, missing measurement, need of automation, elimination of un-productive rounds can be identified and these could be starting point for the user to address, we as a solution provider can engage with user extensively to conduct such Site Walks.


From a vendor’s perspective, what new technologies do you offer for implementation in manufacturing plants?

The manufacturing plants can improve even more by deploying additional instrumentation in non-automated areas. For operations, start by identifying time-consuming or expensive tasks, such as reviewing clipboard round log sheets or handheld data collection terminal tag lists. These tags should be automated beginning with shift and daily rounds, especially for sites that require a vehicle for travel or rely on boat or helicopter. Next, look at offsite locations, such as pump houses and tank farms. Since all departments can benefit from a shared wireless sensor networking infrastructure, make sure to speak to them all to determine their measurement needs.


Do you have industry specific solutions – IIoT compliant products – that you will display at the Expo?

Intelligent analytic tools which App based software showing all executive dashboard summary, shall be on display. Our intent would be also to showcase how Safety and Productivity enhancement projects can be very much implemented using Digital Transformation platform. Data is the most important foundation of any IIoT pursuit and hence complete WirelessHART infrastructure with its innovative non-intrusive sensing technology would be on display. We shall try for hands-on showcasing of these solutions. We have been awarded the best IoT BreakThrough Award 2018 and this will be very seen by our user interface and Apps which have been released into the Process Automation world.


Is there any new product launch planned during the Expo?

Not as such, but new apps shall available for hands-on experience.


What are the benefits to the user and what is the USP?

Benefits to user would be to have live experience of these technologies and this will help them resolving their chronic issues in their respective industries. To know our USP, come and visit us at the Expo!