Digvijay Bhatkhande says.... - ‘All our products are designed, developed and manufactured in India’


Digvijay Bhatkhande, Vice President – Business Development and Operations, talks about IoT solutions developed by SenseGiz in this email exchange.

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What exactly is SenseGiz and what are its main activities?

Incorporated in August 2013, SenseGiz makes enterprise and industrial IoT products for sensor based condition monitoring, security and real-time asset/people tracking applications using a combination of connected hardware, cloud, analytics and apps. Currently, our company is a team of 18 spread across engineering, sales, marketing and admin roles with all products designed in-house. SensGiz products are sold worldwide with primary focus on USA, Japan and Indian markets.


How exciting has been the journey so far in terms of new product development?

With just about 5 years since inception, we have developed a series of products. In fact we are very proud of repeatedly selling our previous generation of IoT products successfully in the US, Japan and several other countries over the last 3 years. We are also proud of the fact that all our products are designed, developed and manufactured in India for the world. We have an in-house team of engineers to design and develop these products. So far we have one patent granted for our product in India and also in the US, and we have filed 4 more patents for our new technology.


What are the types of products developed by SenseGiz?

In 2014, we launched our first consumer product called FIND – A Bluetooth tracking tag. FIND needs to be tagged to your critical assets and it works in combination with a mobile app. You get an instant alarm if you leave anything behind and if the distance between the phone and the tag goes beyond the set range. In 2016, we launched our second consumer product called SAFR – A Safety and Fitness tracking wristband. SAFR also works in combination with a mobile app and can accurately track fitness, monitor sleep and provide emergency assistance. But what really sets the SAFR apart is an integrated crash/fall alert system. The SAFR senses fall/crash events automatically and accurately, and sends an audible alert to your emergency contacts through an iOS or Android app. We’ve also built in an emergency button so you can send alerts with a press of the button. Till date we have sold more than 30,000 of these two devices.


Through our product solution COIN, we have created a proprietary low powered point to point mesh network of tiny low-cost sensor nodes. The mesh network is based on top of Bluetooth 5.0 and has an effective communication speed of 1 Mbps, suitable for high speed and high data applications with self-learning and self-healing capabilities. Each COIN has an effective range of 150 ft per node. COIN can be used for various use cases like condition monitoring, real time asset and people tracking and perimeter security. (See box)


What exactly are the problems that you are trying to solve?

We did a primary and secondary research and spoke to various customers and stake holders and found out that:

  • Around USD 680 bn were lost per year due improper storage of food, goods and various assets
  • About 300 hours per year per employee were lost per year just to track assets in manufacturing units and warehouses, and
  • Approx USD 14 bn were lost per year due to illegal intrusion.


Our team started working on this problem for around 8 to 10 months and in 2017 we came up with a solution using which:

  • Storage losses were reduced by 50%
  • Reduction in asset tracking time was reduced by 70%
  • Efficiency of the employees was increased by 50%, and
  • And with a payback period of 10 to 14 months.


The company has received accolades for its work. Can you elaborate on this aspect?

SenseGiz has been awarded with National Entrepreneurship Award in November 2017 from Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship by Govt of India. We are chosen as one of the iconic IoT start-ups under the NASSCOM – Govt of India IoT Centre of Excellence and received most promising IoT startup award by IESA. Recently we have also won the defEnnovation Award in the MSME Category at ELCINA Strategic Electronics Summit 2018.



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Use Cases

1. Condition Monitoring using tiny sensor nodes

There is a variety of enterprise use cases using our cloud connected mesh network of COIN sensor nodes. Each COIN has a temperature, humidity, motion and vibration sensor on-board. COINs are placed at various locations within a cold storage room, warehouse, cold storage truck, etc., which detect temperature and humidity in real time and notify the user in case the threshold values are crossed. One can also use COIN to monitor condition of any asset using vibration sensor. The sensors can be configured by the user/admin from the cloud, set thresholds and get alerts by multiple means if values are crossed, or can set user defined data streaming intervals (suited for enterprise applications).


Benefits include improved quality and productivity, improved workforce coordination, Real time alert notification in case of change in temperature, shock/impact, vibration, etc., as well as historical and current data reports.


2. Real time Asset and People tracking

Using our solution, hundreds or thousands of assets and people can be tracked in real time in a given workplace such as a shop floor, manufacturing unit or warehouse, etc. COIN placed at various locations within the premise forms the fixed sensor nodes whereas other products SAFR or FIND worn by a person or tagged to an asset form the moving sensor node. The fixed and moving sensor nodes together form a mesh network which can track the assets and people in real time. Also, with this solution geofencing can be set to make sure that the assets do not enter or leave the assigned areas.


Benefits include reduction in asset tracking time by 80%, reduction is theft/pilferage by 90%, decrease in storage losses by 50%, employee efficiency increased by up to 50%, location-based workflow management, real-time process management, improved workforce coordination, real time monitoring, etc.


3. Perimeter Security

COINs can detect vibration and motion, and can be attached to walls, fences, perimeters to detect tampering or unauthorised entry in real time. Intelligent machine learning algorithms can recognise human activities using the dual motion and vibration sensors. Real time data analysis can distinguish between humans (walking, running, crawling or tunnelling) and other objects like vehicles, animals, etc.



Px1: SenseGiz was honoured with the National Entrepreneurship Award by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

Pix2: An overview of a warehouse where COIN solution is deployed.

Pix3: COINs are installed on the racks of the warehouse to track people and get an alert if a forklift bumps into the rack.