‘Bradma is now a formidable force in marking and traceability’


Ravi Prem, Chief Operating Officer, Forbes & Company Limited, Engineering Division talks about Bradma range of Marking products and Automation solutions.

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    Forbes & Company Limited

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    To create the premium product range.

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    Precision Cutting

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Forbes has two flagship brands – Totem and Bradma – under it. Tell us a bit about these brands.

Forbes & Company Limited (Engineering Division) is a manufacturer of Precision Cutting Tools under the brand name Totem, and Marking & Traceability Solutions & Automation under the brand name Bradma. The company also manufactures Spring Lock Washers under the brand name BBBB. The credibility of all products lies in the innovative technology used for their creation. All our products are created in two world class manufacturing plants – one in Mumbai and the other in Aurangabad – where 500 plus employees toil day and night to create the premium product range.


Products and Services offered:

  • Totem product line includes High Performance Threading Taps in different material for customised application. Solid Carbide End Mills & Drills, Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs, Carbon Steel Taps, Dies and Die Nuts, High Speed Steel Drills and Annular Cutters.
  • Bradma product line includes Electric & Pneumatic Pin Marking Machines, Laser Marking Machines and Industrial Automation which includes Customised Marking Workstations, Vision & Monitoring System, Conveyor System, Robotic Application, material handling with industry 4.0 comprehensive solutions.


In Bradma range of marking solutions – Conventional marking products are well known. How compatible is the Advanced marking and Automation capabilities?

Conventional marking system is an 80 year old business; we are the market leaders in conventional marking product range in India. This created a pathway for us to foray into Advanced marking and Automation business. Since the inception of Advanced marking and Automation vertical we have executed numerous projects for big multinational companies in India and abroad. Now we have further strengthened our backend team to cater to the ever increasing demand from this vertical. Bradma is now a formidable force in marking and traceability.


The company also has many new projects in Automation business – what are these?

Bradma is a one stop shop for all the marking, traceability and industrial automation requirements. We offer complete end to end solution for automation line, material handling, conveyor, JIB cranes, manipulators, gantries, vision system, pick & place system with robotic integration. We have executed numerous projects in the above mentioned categories. We further look forward to build our capabilities in industry automation with industry 4.0 orientation which is future of smart manufacturing.


What are the future plans for Bradma in terms of Advanced marking and Automation business?

Along with the existing product offering we are very soon launching high speed lasers, automation solution in FMCG and Pharma application. We will be taking up green field projects in assembly line, over head gantries.