‘Experience Digital Connect’


-Sachin Sadare, Founder and Director, Digital Dojo (OPC) Pvt Ltd

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    Digital Dojo (OPC) Pvt Ltd

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    To educate and endow organisations with digital strategies and new business models, in the age of digital disruption.

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    Information Technology (IT)

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Digital Dojo is a full-service digital agency based in Mumbai, India. It provides end-to-end digital services aligned to business objectives. Data-driven approach, combined with knowledge gained from years of imparting digital education, has enabled Digital Dojo to deliver measurable results to the clients. The company’s goal now is to educate and endow organisations with digital strategies and new business models, in the age of digital disruption.


Since 2015, Digital Dojo has been educating corporate and academic institutions across India on digital skills. Digital Dojo has many success stories where it has enabled clients to successfully embrace the digital economy – with “innovative” off-beat digital strategies, in order to establish a leadership position for their business. The mission: “We help people and brands prosper in the digital economy with the right skills and digital strategies.”


Digital Dojo is the right partner and guide through the digital journey. The company believes that “digital needs” have to be integrated across technology, marketing and learning initiatives. Companies cannot work on “digital needs” through isolated verticals. Digital Dojo is in a unique position to offer digital solutions in an integrated manner that delivers the best outcomes for its clients. ‘Experience Digital Connect through us as we embark on this digital journey together’ is the company’s promise to its customers.


What is the theme of your booth at Automation Expo 2018?

The theme of our booth at Automation Expo is ‘Experience Digital Connect’.


What are the new products that you will showcase and their USP?

We will showcase the Digital Dojo Learning Platform (DDLP) – An ecosystem of digital education that includes digital courses (Digital Marketing, Internet of Things, Digital Transformation and Web Development), proctored certificate exams and an expanding job portal matching job seekers and employers.


How compatible are these with existing set up as well as current trends

The platform is highly relevant to the needs of the industry. We are trying to solve two of the biggest pain points on the digital world today – reducing the skill gap for digital skills needed by the digital companies and providing entry level digital jobs to fresh graduates. The platform can solve these problems not just in India but across the world.


In today’s digital world, you need an experienced partner who can help you take advantage of the digital opportunities across a variety of channels in real-time. “Digital Connection” is by far, the most pressing need of the day. Every company today, aspires to connect digitally with their customers. To achieve customer connect, companies need to embark on a digital journey that comprises of technology solutions, marketing initiatives and learning programs. “Becoming Digital” is no longer about finding the right vendor for your business needs. “Becoming Digital” is a journey with experiences that can have a great impact on your business in the future.



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