‘Transformational Change with Intuitive and Smart Measuring Solutions’

-Kalidas Bhangare, Managing Director, Testo India Pvt Ltd

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    To provide the best quality, service and value in the industry.

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Testo SE & Co KGaA is a world leader in design, development and manufacturing of electronic portable test and measuring instruments. Backed by more than 60 years of measurement engineering experience, Testo as a group is headquartered in Lenzkirch in the Black Forest region of Germany. Established in 2006, Testo India Pvt Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of Testo SE & Co KGaA has shown phenomenal growth over the last 12 years with its head office in Pune, and an extensive sales & channel partners' network across the country.


For Testo, recognised as the leading worldwide manufacturer of portable combustion efficiency analysers, the mission is to provide the best quality, service and value in the industry. The company is a major supplier for HVAC industries, refrigeration, airflow and environmental monitoring instruments for markets as diverse as chemical, food and beverages, pharmaceutical and biotech, steel and power, automotive industry and many others.


What are the new products that you will showcase and their USP?

Testo is well known for its advanced German technology. We have brought transformational change in the form of intuitive and smart measuring solutions. We have replaced traditional methods and processes with more efficient and smart products and would be showcasing instruments such as the new range of Smart Probes which equip users with smart and easy measurement techniques using the smartphone interface. Our new Electrical Instruments are very distinct and unique in their features. They have auto adjustable features, built-in safety, and connectivity to smartphone Apps for effective operation. Our latest solution is the new Thermal Imager with smartphone integration designed to deliver networked thermography.


About USPs, our products are smart, intuitive, user friendly, advanced and precise. Most of them could be governed even via a smartphone or tabs. Data transfer, report storage and sharing can be done on site. You can inspect and check the status of any desired set up from anywhere and in case of any ambiguity you even receive alerts via mail and message. Reduced human involvement is assured with our products which ultimately improves accuracy, reduces downtime of facilities and reduces errors, which is almost everything you seek.


How compatible are these with existing set up as well as current trends?

As mentioned earlier, our instruments have given a new face to the T&M industry. The revolutionary technology we possess and our inclination towards the smart solutions is very well accepted by the market. The platforms on which the instruments work are very user friendly and make the job simpler, faster and much more accurate. Needless to say, our solutions are the perfect answer for any measurement application.


Products/systems at the exhibition

  • Portable Measuring Instruments & Systems for temperature, humidity, dew point, pressure, air velocity, RPM, sound, light, compressed air flow, electrical measurement
  • Data Loggers and Wireless Data Monitoring Systems including a vast set of data loggers for transportation, storage rooms, pharma and climate monitoring
  • Portable Flue Gas Analysers for combustion and emission analysis capable of recording even lesser amounts of pollution and thus of obtaining detailed values, and
  • Thermal Imagers for Predictive and Preventive Maintenance for several applications such as solar and photovoltaic, power stations, transformation lines, electrical circuits, industrial components and machines, etc.


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