‘Switch to the Future’

-Ashish Manchanda, Managing Director, Finder India

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    Finder India

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    Solutions for smart cities as well as E-mobility applications.

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    Industrial Automation

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Finder India is a subsidiary company of Finder S.p.A., an independent and privately owned company with technical autonomy, having its headquarters in Italy and offices in 23 countries globally along with distribution partners in more than 70 countries. Since 1954 Finder has worked extensively in the field of relays and timers. The high degree of specialisation has produced now over 12,500 different products with one of the widest ranges available.


Finder has the widest range of world-wide quality approvals of any relay manufacturer. Total output is more than 4,00,000 relays and other products per day. With 100% Western European manufacturing base, Finder is the largest producer in Europe for the production of relay sockets for the relays.


Finder offers a wide range of automation & control products for electrical and control panels like MCC, PCC, DCS, PLC, auxiliary panels, etc. Finder products find use in a wide range of applications in industry segments like oil & gas, power (conventional & renewable), metals, system integrators, automotive, pulp & paper, cement, textiles, railways, etc.


What is the theme of your booth at Automation Expo 2018?

The theme of our booth this time primarily would be dedicated to Industrial Automation. But additionally we would also be focussing on energy saving solutions related to building automation, smart switching solutions for smart cities as well as E-mobility applications.


What are the new products that you will showcase and their USP?

  • New combined unit of panel Thermostat+Hygrostat. This device will provide an advantage of controlling panel space heaters as well as filter fans simultaneously. No need for buying separate units.
  • New range of Filter fans & Exhaust Filters: It will have fast internal filter replacement system and push-in connection which will be a boon for maintenance people and end users.
  • Expanded range of space heaters: Existing range (25W…150W) is now expanded up to 400W. Safe touch design with inbuilt PTC shall avoid the users from getting accidental burn and shocks.
  • Push in timer: Timers are now available with push-in terminals for easy and fast wiring.
  • New ATEX approved timer module: These completely sealed timers shall provide best operational life in tougher environmental conditions like hazardous areas (Zone II), Areas with high humidity and corrosive gases.


How compatible are these with existing set up as well as current trends?

Finder with its motto of ‘Switch to the Future’ always tries to provide best innovative futuristic solutions compatible to existing set up and current trends. All the products which we offer are improvised regularly based upon the valuable feedbacks we receive from our different customers around the world.


Products/systems at the exhibition

  • Industrial Relays – For control panels & power panels
  • Relay Interface Modules – Electromechanical & solid state relays for PLC control
  • Timer Relays – For control functions
  • Compact Power Supplies – For 24 VDC control
  • Industrial Thermostats – For panel temperature monitoring
  • Panel Fans with Filter and Space Heaters – For cabinet climate control
  • Voltage Monitoring Relays – For single phase and three phase panels
  • Surge Voltage Protection Devices – For controllers
  • Smart Energy Meters – For monitoring energy consumption, and
  • Energy saving solutions - for indoor and outdoor lighting management.



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