Ravinder Goyal, Managing Director, EIP Enviro Level Controls Pvt Ltd, traces the company’s journey over three decades in conversation with Industrial Automation.

Ravinder Goyal, Managing Director, EIP Enviro Level Controls Pvt Ltd
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With over three decades of manufacturing, the company has acquired a certain expertise in level, flow and volume measurements and the technology used. Please give a brief account of this journey.

The journey for EIP started with a small idea of having the first indigenous manufacturing unit of point level RF Level Switches three decades ago. Since then EIP has increased the range of offered solutions to complete inventory management for bulk solids stored in silos/warehouses and open stockpiles. With a vast expertise in the field of level instrumentation, EIP is not only providing the best fit level measurement device for a customer application but also training the officials in the industry for the decision making process for their application with respect to level measurement systems for bulk solids and liquid.


What are the main products lines? Apart from manufactured products there are some that are sourced from abroad?

The wide range of level measurement solutions with EIP has been possible with the broad mindset of having our own manufactured products along with absorbing the latest technology from around the world for a complete level measurement solution for our customers. Our main products range from Point Level Switches, Continuous Level Transmitters to 3D Level Scanner Open Yard Management Systems to world's highest frequency Radar Level Transmitter and a Nucleonic Density and Level meter which is exempted from Atomic Board restrictions.


Today, these systems are invariably part of plant automation. How adaptable are these products to modern concepts of automation?

There is only one thing EIP has focussed on since long – that is to also keep innovating, changing and adapting with the industry. Along with the current trends in plant automation we have products that can connect through Bluetooth, work over SIM cards giving remote access to the user and also work on battery without a power supply.


What are the manufacturing facilities for these product lines? Are these fully integrated or rely on outsourced components?

Our manufacturing facility is vertically integrated with final product as an output with bare raw materials as inputs. However, to bring cost effectiveness in to the system and ease out operations, we have developed our own suppliers to take care of few individual parts of the manufacturing process.


As an OEM for core sector companies and exports, what are the quality control systems in place? What is the export percentage?

We are an ISO 9001:2015 compliant with focus on the end products being tested and re-tested before it is finally stamped ok for despatch. We export approx 8-10% to various parts of the world.


What is the USP of the company? What are the accuracy levels?

Working in the niche industry our main focus is on quality products, advanced technology and prompt customer service and support. Accuracy levels for our products are different and depends on the kind of technology selected, meeting the customer requirements. However, as an example we can talk of error minimised up to 0.5 mm.


How strong/effective is the after sales service?

The strength of our after sales service can be gauged by the customer reviews, often receiving a premium price on our products, based only on the reliability of the solution provided and the support received post sales of the product.


What are the company's achievements? Especially in terms of breakthrough product launches?

Few achievements we could put as a credential for our company would be Level Measurement at 1200°C, Nucleonic Density Meters exempted by Atomic Board and Open Yard Management Systems. In addition we have managed to provide few unique solutions including the Wagon Positioning System, COG and Truck unloading system.


What are the future plans, especially with the government emphasis on Make in India?

At present our focus is mainly to penetrate the market with the new breakthrough solutions introduced in the past few years. With government emphasis on Make in India, it will surely boost our internal R&D team for increasing our manufactured range of products.