‘Industry 4.0 with IIoT technologies demand advanced calibration & repair services’


Ms V Sangeetha, Technical Head, NAGMAN Instruments tells Industrial Automation.

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Nagman specialises in calibration products and solutions. What are the user industries for these services?

Generally Nagman Instruments caters to all type of industries like power, petrochemicals, refineries, oil and gas, pulp and paper, sugar, cement, metallurgical, steel, glass and ceramic, fertilizers and chemicals, iron ore, heavy vessels, automobile, pharmaceuticals, food processing, etc., where a large number of instruments and equipment is used in various processes and it is important that the accuracy is always within the prescribed ranges.


What is the range of products – does this cover the complete requirements of a typical plant? Nagman also represents some global manufacturers for their products?

In a typical plant, a wide range of instrumentation equipments are used to measure/control/indicate/record major process parameters like pressure, temperature, signal, flow and level and our range of calibration instruments plus products from global manufacturers (represented by Nagman) are utilised for checking/calibrating these field instruments in order to ensure the process accuracy.


What are the criteria adopted while designing and implementing the calibration requirements of a typical plant?

In recent years awareness on calibration has increased among people and calibration of equipments in any plant has become mandatory as per National/International Standards. Depending upon the accuracy and resolution of field equipments, suitable standard equipments with minimum test accuracy ratio of 4:1 and ten times better resolution are used. 


The company also offers calibration services. What is the USP of these services?

The main USP about our calibration services is coverage of all instrumentation parameters under one roof, viz.,

  • Temperature, pressure, signal, electrical, dimensional, mass and volume, torque, hardness, vibration, illuminance, fluid flow, gas flow, air flow, level, etc

  • Free pick-up – collection and delivery of equipment

  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for calibration

  • Rental equipments for calibration

  • Complete chain of traceability certificates provided

  • 100% guaranteed delivery per the commitment – 24/48/72 hours, and

  • No additional cost for express Calibration and delivery.


How many centres do you have for calibration services?

Nagman have accredited calibration services as per ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 at Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi.


Nagman in JV mode also offers non-accredited calibration services in Malaysia and Abu Dhabi.


How has the implementation of Industry 4.0 with IIoT technologies impacted the working of calibration products and facilities?

With the implementation of Industry 4.0 with IIoT technologies demand for advanced calibration and repair services is being driven by greater connectivity in end-user industries, such as automotive manufacturing, as well as complex products in the aerospace and defence industries.


Also the recent developments of smart sensors necessitate a superior level of accurate calibration by using USB, Bluetooth, etc. The calibration data (non-process data) provides real-time performance insights. Shared in real time with the OEMs or suppliers via secure data centres, the calibration data can be used to assess the health of the equipment control system. Drift performance and other data can be used to assess service requirements.


The Nagman footprint extends to almost 100 countries. How is this network managed in terms of sales and service?

Nagman have full-fledged Regional Sales Offices at all major industrial hubs in India and in the global market our Exclusive Distributors handle sales and service of our manufacturing products.


Finally, the company also offers rental service for calibration equipment. How successful is this business?

There are some EPC contractors who prefer rental services for calibration equipments in order to ensure the field instruments are calibrated before they are put into use during installation and commissioning of the plant and also to avoid heavy investments on calibration assets.


We are the first, the pioneer in providing such services, and we have been successful in this activity for the past 20 years.



Ms V Sangeetha, BE (Instrumentation & Control) and MBA, joined Nagman in 2003 and started her career at their ISO 17025 accredited Calibration Laboratory. She got qualified as an Internal Auditor as per ISO: IEC 17025: 2005 and was able to improve technical capability of the laboratory in terms of calibration and measurement capability as well as expanding the scope of parameters. Her assignments are not only limited to calibration but also involved in production of flow meter calibration test benches. She is an active Technical Consultant for Nagman’s Calibration Sub-Centres at Mumbai and Delhi and also offered consultancy services to various overseas customers including in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Myanmar.