The VEGA focus is mainly on two measuring principles of Field Instrumentation, viz., Level and Pressure Measurement, says Sudarsan Srinivasan, Managing Director, VEGA India Level & Pressure Measurement Pvt Ltd.

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VEGA has over five decades of expertise in level and pressure measurement for process industries. What is the range of products?

VEGA’s focus in the past over 5 decades has been in Level & Pressure instrumentation and going forward also we will continue with the same focus.


Our product range includes:

  • Level Transmitters
    • Radar type non contact level transmitters (for liquids & solids)
    • Guided wave radar level transmitters (for liquids & solids)
    • Capacitance type level transmitters
    • Nuclear (Gamma) level & density measurement solutions.
  • Level Switches
    • Vibrating fork type level switches (for liquids & solids)
    • Vibrating rod type level switches (for solids)
    • Capacitance type level switches
    • Radar type level switching (microwave barriers)
  • Pressure Transmitters
    • Differential pressure transmitters
    • Electronic DP transmitters
    • Hydrostatic type pressure/level transmitters
    • Signal conditioning instruments
    • Inventory management solutions.



How has the technology for these products evolved over this period? What is the USP of VEGA?

With our focus mainly on two measuring principles of Field Instrumentation, viz., Level and Pressure Measurement, we are considered to be experts in this field and all our development work has been based on feedback and inputs we have received from our global customers thus ensuring that we give optimum and hassle free measurement solutions to our customers worldwide.


The Plics Modular concept we introduced 13 years back has been our biggest USP and it still remains to be a unique feature and well accepted and appreciated by customers globally.

In addition we have been pioneers in the Radar and Nuclear Measurement technology.


Measurements in process industry are today part of overall plant. Are all these products compatible with major automation protocols and platforms?

Yes all our products are compatible to all standards and protocols in the Process Industry segment.


The company does not just offer products but also solution and other services. What are these?

Though predominantly VEGA remains to be a products company, we are recognised globally as a solution provider for critical applications and services.


VEGA India continues this trend in the various verticals in the domestic market as well.


In India SMEs are often seen as cost shy when it comes to high quality. What is the experience on this count?

Selling to SMEs has always been a challenge but more and more customers are realising the importance of quality and long term stability of the equipment’s they use in their processes. Investments by SMEs in smaller projects at plant level helps them achieve process optimisation and this realisation is improving .VEGA have focused on explaining the benefits and value addition our products can give to their process and have seen significant success here.


What is the nature of the company’s activities in India – any manufacturing or value addition happens locally?

Most of the products we sell at the moment are completely produced in Germany. However we also do some level of value addition by assembling certain products here in India in our facility in Hinjewadi Pune. This just covers 15-20% of the total products we sell at the moment.


How strong/effective is the after sales service?

As already mentioned Service is a very important aspect of our business and it has and will always be our strong focus area. We have a very strong Post Sales Service Team of 7 qualified and trained engineers stationed all across the country.


In addition to this with the Plics Modular concept and ease of handling our instruments our field sales team also handles service issues at customers site as and when required. Service is not a department at VEGA but a concept for us.


What are the company's achievements? Especially in terms of breakthrough product launches?

In March 2016 we launched the first High Frequency (80 GHz) Radar for the global market. This was a big event where more than 300+ employees of VEGA and their partners globally participated. This was followed up here in India with various marketing campaigns and customer seminars all across the country. This was a huge success for VEGA and the product has seen tremendous success in the market due to its superior capabilities. The product is now very well accepted and appreciated by allour customers. 


What are the future plans, especially with the government emphasis on Make in India?

VEGA India is already in the process of building its own manufacturing facility in Fulgaon, Maharashtra (Pune District). The plant is being built on a 10,000 industrial free hold land .

We expect to move into the new premises by November 2017 and start commercial production for certain product ranges subsequently. This is a major investment from VEGA and will be the 2nd Manufacturing location for VEGA outside of Europe.