‘Economical solutions for most demanding & complex applications’

Upendra Vanarase, President, Trio Motion Technology LTD-LO India, responds to a few questions from Industrial Automation about the company and its Indian operations.

Economical solutions for most demanding & complex applications
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What is the range of motion control products offered by Trio Motion?

Trio Motion Technology is a specialised source of high performance motion control technology, a field of automation, encompassing the systems involved in moving parts of machines, robots or motors in a precise and controlled manner. The main components involved typically include a motion controller, drives and motors or actuators.

Trio Motion Technology has been manufacturing high-quality motion controllers branded Motion Coordinators since 1987 and has a comprehensive range that allows economical, flexible and seamless control of 1 to 128 axes of servo motors, stepper motors, piezo motors or hydraulic systems. Trio products can be found in virtually every servo and stepper application. 

How do the interfaces facilitate the selection of the best motors and drives?

Trio does not sell servo drives or motors; preferring instead to provide the interfaces required to enable you to choose Motors & Drives to best suit your requirements. We believe in supporting rather than competing with our distributors and believe that the better the knowledge of the customer the better the end result. We train all of our distributors before they sell our products and we offer a comprehensive training program for customers.

Users can use standard pulse and direction or analogue close loop control or Real Time Motion Bus as interface such as RTEX, EtherCAT, Sercosor SLM. Also it is always possible to mix & match all of the above mentioned combinations.

Are Trio products compatible with leading motor and drive brands? What are the applications areas?

Yes, Trio Motion controller is compatible with almost all leading drive brands. Trio products can be found in virtually every industry around the world. Aerospace, automotive, agriculture, food, entertainment, inspection, manufacturing, machine tools, medical, printing, pharmaceutical, packaging, steel industries which includes machines such as assembly, bending, carton folding, coil wrapping, converting, cut to length, flow wrapping, glue  laying, grinding, handling, labelling, retrofits, robotics, spark erosion, stamping, testing, tufting, welding, etc.

Motion control is a critical area in industrial automation. What is the USP of Trio Motion?

  • Learn only one programming environment

  • Easy programming of complex motion

  • Modular architecture saves costs

  • Protect your investment

  • Your choice of drive interface

  • Your choice of factory communication

  • Your choice of programming methods

  • Make your machine perform faster

  • Reduce machine delivery times

  • Customise and embed

Above all the biggest USP of Trio motion controller is that it can communicate with almost all automation suppliers in the market.

Automation today is all pervading, and also leads to safety and security concerns. How does Trio Motion address this issue?

Yes, we are very much sure about the safety features, we have built-in safety inside the controller, and also all drives have their own safety features inside the drive, so it is dual safety. Also Trio’s Motion Perfect Software provides features like password protection and encryption to secure the development.

What is the ratio of standard products vis-à-vis customised solutions offered by the company?

Our dedicated and focused approach allows us to design products that fit our customers’ needs whether the customer is a machine builder requiring a bespoke Motion Coordinator or a Drives company requiring a licensed product or a commonly used interface to a Digital Drive Bus System. Trio designed motion control solutions are operating in the market as ‘badged’ products by major drives/motion control companies and OEM machine builders.

What is the nature of the company’s operations in India? Is it just sales and service? Is there any local sourcing of components?

In India we are already focusing on the sensitive industry sectors in which robots are expected to do far more than work quickly and reliably. In this highly competitive industry, technical as well as commercial considerations play a decisive role. We are much more familiar with all the typical characteristics of the Indian market and are successfully able to provide economical solutions for even the most demanding and complex applications. The world’s most comprehensive range of the motion controller used in robotic applications is based on special kinematics which is ready to use for industry. As the world of robotics is changing with Industry 4.0 and man-robot-collaboration, our young and dynamic team is fully ready and has already delivered all the functions to the Indian market without any compromise.

As for our approach, we believe in supporting and collaborating rather than competing with our automation manufacturers and that the better the knowledge of the customer the better the end result. With offices in Tewkesbury (UK), Pittsburgh (USA), Pune (India) and Shanghai (China), Trio Motion Technology supplies its entire product range worldwide via a network of fully supported distributors.

Why TRIO is the BEST strategic partner for OEM?

  • Customer is buying BEST Innovative product

  • Customer is hiring BEST technical team of INDIA

  • We always work based on Innovation & think out of box concept.

  • Our Indian team is always proven technology trend setter, which contributes to Make In India strategy.

  • 24 hours service support

  • 24 month warranty

  • 24VDC technology

  • Training facility in Pune

How competitive is the Indian market?

India today is considered to be one of the major forces in the global economic market. Our product is well positioned in the Indian market. Our team is very focused on their target job to improve productivity, offer innovative solutions and generate long term value creation for the customer. India is a price driven market, very competitive, sensitive and lots of sentiments with products, which are on the machine. The market is far more mature today than it was a decade ago and the deliverable value expectation versus price ratio is very high. We have worked hard continuously for 8 years now to reach the brand value recognition in the Indian market. So there are several differentiators which will make us stand out.

 Any breakthrough product launch that made a difference?

The Trio Robot Programming System or TrioRPS, is an open and adaptable package of tools and software that offers complete control and management of your robot systems.

The TrioRPS is a sophisticated package of tools and software that can be adapted to different robot manufacturers requirements. The TrioRPS allows users the choice of using a programming pendant for simple jobs or stepping up to use a laptop PC for more complex jobs. Many applications can use a mix of both to reduce programming time and optimise productivity.

The TrioRPS make us different than all other automation supplier in Indian market.  


The Euro404 and Euro408 Motion Coordinators are designed to provide a powerful yet cost effective control solution for OEM machine builders.