An interview with PL Muthusekkar,

‘Our motors are optimally matched to gear units and frequency inverters’

PL Muthusekkar, Director, NORD Drivesystems Pvt Ltd
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NORD Drivesystems recently showcased some new products and technologies at SPS IPC Drives exhibition in Germany. What are the innovations here, especially from the Industry 4.0 perspective?

The innovations showcased at SPS IPC Drives Exhibition consist of the new NORDAC LINK series of field distribution systems, designed for networked intralogistics facilities with many drive axes, which provides an especially good user experience. These frequency inverters and motor starters enable flexible configuration of features and functions to perfectly suit application requirements.

Coded plug-in connectors for power, communications, and sensors enable swift and safe commissioning. Integrated maintenance switches and direction switches facilitate servicing these systems later on. Size 2 NORDAC LINK frequency inverters are suitable for motor ratings up to 7.5 kW. The various models in this series now offer solutions for all typical tasks in postal hubs, airport baggage handling systems, and warehouses. The AC vector drives are suitable for horizontal conveyors as well as inclined and vertical conveyors. They integrate hoist functions and the safety functions STO and SS1 according to EN 61800-5-2.

The NORDAC drive electronics range comprises several frequency inverter series for motor outputs up to 160 kW. Featuring an integrated PLC, these AC vector drives can carry out logical sequences and provide autonomous process control. NORD has enabled drives for connection to a cloud using only standard components. The company is also preparing a fully operational software solution for predictive maintenance, based on NORD inverters, which, due to their onboard PLC, are fully capable of processing status data (such as power consumption, speed, voltage, and status word) as well as data from externally connected sensors (e.g., light curtains, vibration sensors). Offering such state-of-the-art solutions, NORD enables machine manufacturers and system integrators to develop advanced maintenance concepts or new service models in the world of digitisation and IoT/Industry 4.0.

The company has a direct presence in India since 2005, but a much longer association. How has the company scaled up its operations during this period?

Just like growth is a part of life, NORD Drivesystems since its inception in India has grown from a small office space to a sprawling 13,300 m² factory in Pune.

Our successful ascent to the elite list of gear motor manufacturers has been achieved with our strategy to listen to and work closely with our customers. Together with the help of our customers we have created optimal drive solutions and have had solid growth as a company.

What is the range of products manufactured in India? Is it just the motors or also VFDs?

The production facility in Pune is highly equipped for Motor supply – ranging from frame sizes 63 to 160. While the preparedness for supplying Gearboxes the case size varies from 0 to 9 or 10 as per need. In the Electrical Drives segment there are two sections, the Motor Mounted Variable Frequency Drives start at 0.25 kW and extend to 22 kW, while the Cabinet range varies from 0.25 kW to 160 kW. Our Service sections are set up for increasing product life. We also have in-house testing facilities for each product. Additionally we have set up an environment friendly Paint Shop. 90% of global NORD products can be sold and serviced in India.

What is the USP of NORD Drivesystems in a market that is highly competitive with several strong players?

NORD develops its own motors and supplies them to all the major markets throughout the world. Our own developments ensure a high level of independence from external suppliers and therefore provide our customers with the key advantage of short and highly dependable delivery times. NORD motors are optimally matched to gear units and frequency inverters from our own production and are available with an unusually wide range of options. NORD offers customised motors to meet special requirements and provides effective solutions to our customers.

These products helped us develop a strong customer base all across the globe because:

  • International norms of quality – Single Product global warranty
  • Use of latest technology–energy efficiency
  • Sound infrastructure – Pre and post sales support across globe
  • Timely delivery – Prompt response management
  • Flexible dimension As per customer request – Optimum selection from our standard range
  • Expert guidance – Value added services and total cost of ownership
  • Response to customers at all stages, and
  • Our total cost of ownership concept – making it cost effective!

The company has a strong presence in the core sector industries. How big is this market?

Construction and Infrastructure segments are doing fine at the moment and expected to grow at a faster pace in the coming years. Pharma and textile too are doing reasonably well and will continue at the same pace. Steel and mining which hit the bottom, started recovering. Now that the steel prices are rising, it can only improve further.

Is NORD also engaged with the electrification in mobility/transportation segment?

Though we are not directly connected in this segment, but our drives are used for producing electric batteries. We are also associated in Hyperloop trials for the lift purposes.

Energy efficiency is a key attribute in the motors today. How energy efficient are NORD Drivesystems products?

NORD application takes advantage of a VFD control to vary the speed of the motor during your process to save energy and reduce stress. NORD offers customised motors to meet special requirements and provides cost effective solutions to our customers. NORD high-efficiency gearbox combined with premium efficiency motors IE2, IE3 and IE4, form highly efficient motors which save up to 40% power.

The company recently launched the ‘Extra Mile Service Vehicle’ in India. What is the concept and how is the early reaction from the user industries?

The ‘Extra Mile Service’ vehicle was launched in August 2017 and is intended to expand our service reach in terms of providing after sales service all over India. This is structured to meet customer needs where it is not possible to send the products for servicing to our factory.

This Service is catching up and we are going around the country showcasing our new facility. We are receiving a response and this initiative is being applauded and greatly accepted. Your local contact persons look after your local and international service requirements, and we reach you at the earliest. The Service Vehicle is what we are branding now such that we increase our service support to build a better customer relationship.

Any plans for expansion of the manufacturing facilities in India?

We have invested in a separate warehouse in order to increase and expand the product capacity of the current plant. We have a clear and target oriented plan for NORD India for next 5 years. We have planned expansions both in existing plant and new Greenfield plant. Today we are at number 5 in our global NORD group of 37 companies in as much company and aim to be among the top 3 in the next 2 years.