‘The market demands energy efficient solutions’

Anthony Raju Suresh, Managing Director, Aventics India Pvt Ltd, responded to few questions posed by Industrial Automation for this interview.

Aventics has a rich legacy in pneumatics
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From simple valves to complex manifolds, what is the Aventics product range in pneumatics? What is the USP?

Aventics offers a broad range of standard and specialised pneumatic products and solutions for all industrial automation applications. Be it functional integration with the AV system, hygienic design with CL03 or cost-optimised solutions with ES05, our valve systems always provide the right solution. With flow rates ranging from 7.5 l/min to 14,000 l/min, our valve program holds the right valve solution for every situation.

Our pneumatic actuator series consists of short-stroke and compact cylinders for extremely compact applications such as the SSI or CCI cylinders, standard cylinders for various applications, with powerful pneumatic cushioning such as the PRA and TRB series, and large tie rod cylinders such as the ITS series for handling large masses.

Furthermore, we offer actuators for robust and precise linear guiding applications such as the MSC or RTC series, and highly robust cylinders such as the CSL series for extremely demanding conditions, e.g., in the food industry sector, or for extreme temperatures of up to -40 to 150°C.

Aventics has a rich legacy in pneumatics, which is an important factor in automation. Can you elaborate on the way pneumatic products have evolved for automation?

During the last decades, the use of electronics and innovative materials has significantly influenced our product development. As of today, our electro-pneumatic pressure control valves have become a state-of-the-art technology in the business.

The company offers not just products but also its expertise in product selection and applications. What are the various solutions on offer?

Due to our experienced sales force, we not only supply products out of the catalogue, but also deliver customer-specific systems and solutions. With direct sales and sales partners in more than 90 countries worldwide, we are a reliable partner to our international customers.

Our free online Engineering Tools provide the customer with the opportunity to configure various products as per the application, and are linked with the complete CAD product database; this benefits our customers by saving their design time and effort considerably.

With a network of dealers across India, we are well poised to provide extended support to all our customers.

Sensors form an important product line in the Aventics range. What are the types of sensors and the range available?

As the demand for sensors is constantly increasing in automation, and is an important tool for IoT applications, our goal is to offer sensor technology that meets extreme industrial applications, and varying automation requirements.

To make selection easy for our customers, we have standardised the product portfolio of sensors, that measures a wide range of factors such as flow rate, consumption quantity, pressure and pneumatic position monitoring.

What are the products available in the machine vision technology range for factory automation?

Asentics, a German specialist in machine vision technology, is our partner for such applications, we offer combined solutions especially for high-speed demands.

With the launch of Aventics in India what is the message to the industry.

We as a Pneumatic Specialist company are ready to support the ever-growing industrial demands in India, with a focussed approach, with simple ordering processes and reliable delivery times. With our Customising plant in Bangalore and additional Aventics sales offices established in Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Pune help us to be closer to the customers.

Our decisions are characterised by reliability and credibility: we only make promises that we can keep. The customer is always our focus, and complying with regulations and laws is a must for us.

Your views on the Indian market in terms of demand and competition?

In India, customers are increasingly looking for products that are easy to select and use. The market demands energy efficient solutions, with high safety standards and products with low total cost of ownership (TCO). Here, quality plays an ever-important role. Aventics provides easy to use products of high quality.

Our innovative product developments follow trends on the pneumatics market and set benchmarks. We are proactively working to fulfill the market needs, and are well positioned to offer our customers the best, most innovative and cost-effective solutions at all times.

With our Global expertise in a range of sectors such as in Commercial vehicles, Food and beverage, Railway technology, Life sciences, Energy, and Marine technology, we are now well positioned to provide Industry ready solutions in these diverse areas, in India.


  1. Anthony Raju Suresh, Managing Director, Aventics India Pvt Ltd
  2. The new Smart Pneumatics Monitor from Aventics provides reliable and valuable information on the state of wear and energy efficiency of pneumatic systems to end users. (Photo: copyright Aventics).
  3. Data hub for IoT services: The AV valve system with AES electronics and existing sensors provide data to the Smart Pneumatics Monitor, which generates valuable information.
  4. With the Advanced Electronic System, or AES, the ES05 valve series can now be simply integrated into all standard automation architectures.


Smart Pneumatics Monitor & Pneumatic Valve Series ES05

Aventics showcased two new products at the Automation Expo 2017 held in Mumbai.

The new Smart Pneumatics Monitor from Aventics provides reliable and valuable information on the state of wear and energy efficiency of pneumatic systems to end users. It sends pre-processed status messages to defined employees and parent IT systems without detouring to the machine controller. This information reduces the risk of machine downtime and lowers operating costs effectively.

“With digitalisation, pneumatics achieves a new level of productivity and efficiency,” underscored Paul Cleaver, CEO of Aventics. This begins with selecting and configuring components in the design phase. Using the online configuration tools from Aventics, users can select not only the product, but the matching accessories. Following configuration, the customer receives all relevant information right away, such as 3D models, dimension and position drawings, circuit plans, and parts lists. On request, Aventics will deliver the modules fully assembled and tested.

As a supplementary module for the Advanced Electronic valve system (AES), the Smart Pneumatics Monitor (SPM) automatically evaluates any received sensor signals to reliably identify the system status. To monitor the wear of a shock absorber, SPM breaks down the end switch signals to evaluate the cushioning sequence. Algorithms written by Aventics based on the company’s application experience analyse this data internally and make the information available. Information is provided either via the integrated OPC UA interface or via other communication methods, like MQTT or cloud connectors for various suppliers. In addition, defined people can be informed via email or text messages.

Commissioning the SPM requires no knowledge of PLCs at all. On a graphical interface, users drag and drop the components to be monitored to link them. On request, the module monitors the current energy consumption in addition to the degree of wear.

Staying Connected: Pneumatic Valve Series ES05

The other product Aventics showcased was the successful ES05 series. With the Advanced Electronic System (AES), users can integrate the particularly economic and user-friendly valve series without any additional requirements into all standard automation architectures. Aventics thus makes the networking advantages of the Internet of Things also available to standard pneumatic applications.

Machine manufacturers apply consistent standard and Ethernet-based fieldbus protocols in an increasing number of applications, to enhance their flexibility and diagnostic capability. At the same time, this ensures the future performance of their machines in networked environments. For this reason, Aventics has also applied the philosophy of simplicity of its Essential Valve System ES05 to connectivity. The Advanced Electronic System, or AES, supports all standard industrial automation fieldbus protocols in a single hardware unit: PROFIBUS and PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Powerlink, CANopen, and DeviceNet.

In addition, sensors and single valves can be linked decentrally to the expandable I/O modules of the AES. This reduces the wiring effort and simplifies pre-fitting of complete assemblies. The same valve system base plate is used for the multipole connection and the fieldbus connection, which keeps the number of system components as low as possible. The same applies to the IO Link interface, which Aventics offers as another data exchange option. Aventics also increases the connection options for single wiring of the valve system or the application as a single valve. The company now offers an M8 connection in addition to the Form C industry connection.

The ES05 valve series consists of just a few unique components. This makes incorrect installation virtually impossible and only one tool is required for the job. All fittings are of the same type and tightened with the same torque. Compact, robust housings made of high-performance polymers enable stable application even in harsh environments.

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