Instruments industry in India is competing with the unorganised sector as well. It’s tough, but GST could play a role in levelling the playing field, says Mr. Shyam Warialani, Managing Director, Baumer Technologies Pvt Ltd, speaking to Industrial Automation.

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1. What do you see as the trend in the process instrumentation market in India today? How do you think it stands against the global market?

If we talk about market of The Process Instrumentation in Oil and Gas sector we are in same boat what the global market is. Our refineries, petrochemical plants are as modern as global plants. Since the entire world is seeing downturn in this sector we are no different from others.

If we talk about .

3.       Tell us something about your flagship product

Our flagship products are Industrial Pressure and Temperature Gauges and also Gauges for specific OEM market like Automotive and Valve Industry. Other flag ship products that we are promoting as mainstream Products are accessories like Instrument Valves, Flushing assemblies, thermos wells that are machined in-house.

4.       How do you fight competition in this sector?

The competition is from several low standard local street side vendors. These products though are technically old needs to be highly reliable as these products are only measurement devices that continue measuring various critical process parameters even if entire automation or power fails to the plant. The sad part is users do not value several time about this factor and considering the automation in plant do not many times focus on the reliability or stability of these products and decide only based on price.

Our products stand out in Quality, reliability and repeatability because of robust processes and quality checks during manufacturing.

5.       Has the government’s digitisation initiative helped your products for automation sell better?

Digitisation initiative doesn’t apply to most of our products; yes digitisation will touch us our various processes to be simpler, easier to perform, bring better quality focus, and bring up speed so on.

6.       What effect do you think will GST have on your market?

This is good step forward, will bring low standard local vendors at Par at the same time we can also pass the benefit if we find the overall cost saving due to one nation tax rule. The time will further unfold the methods of doing business in newer ways in different parts of the country

7.       You have been participating in Exhibitions worldwide. What is your expectation from the industrial Expo?

The Industrial Expo helps in projecting companies with their existence and strength when the business is low, markets are subdued and there is recession.

Cost benefit shall be provided by Organisers when the markets are subdued and low for companies to represent themselves in such conditions.

8.       What more can we do to support the industry better for growth?

Arranging side by side road shows in different cities, other things like creating the environment of being important for key senior stalwarts of Instrumentation, pulling correct crowd for exhibitors, creating awareness in young generation holding future of Process Instrumentation, many of these activities are done by Organisation of Automation Expo.

About Baumer Technologies

Baumer Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. wholly owned subsidiary of Baumer Group Switzerland is in the business of process instrumentation since 1989.Our state-of-art manufacturing facility having a very large machine shop and sophisticated CNC & Gun Drilling machines is located at Vapi about 174 kms from North of Mumbai.

Their manufacturing range includes Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges, RTD’s, and Thermocouples, Thermo-wells, Pressure Switches, Needle Valves, Manifolds, Instrumentation Tube Fittings, Level Indicators, Level Switches, Pressure Transmitter, Temperature Transmitter, Level Transmitter and allied accessories. With presence of 8 sales branches and about 30+ domestic distributors, Baumer export process instruments to 20+ countries. With extensive manufacturing set-up from sheet metal cutting, machining of components to assembly, they serve to 1000+ premium customers, contractors, OEMs, System Integrators and channel partners.


Mr Shyam Warialani heads Baumer Technologies India PVT Ltd (erstwhile Waaree Instruments) a whole subsidiary of Baumer group Switzerland, since 2010. With his vast background and expertise he has been able to convert India unit in to a global manufacturing hub with modern manufacturing processes and bring in global culture and working environment. Today Baumer Technologies India Pvt Ltd   is true make in India facility where products are produced for India and global with international standards.