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    Pöppelmann K-TECH 2K LSR technology

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    To provide even more efficient sealing solutions.

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    Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives

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Pöppelmann K-TECH - which represents considerable authority in the advancement and arrangement produce of specialized plastic arrangements - has upgraded its portfolio utilizing creative 2C LSR innovation to give significantly more effective fixing arrangements.


Committed to creating and assembling specialized plastic segments - which regularly require fixing arrangements - Pöppelmann's K-TECH division has chosen to grow its portfolio to take fixing unwavering quality to an unheard of level. Utilizing an infusion shaping procedure for two-segment fluid silicone elastic (LSR), the organization presently offers a proficient answer for assembling workpieces to meet especially stringent fixing and temperature prerequisites.


In this new procedure, the thermoplastic (the hard segment) is formed first, and after that the LSR (the delicate part) is infused to finish everything. This 2C LSR innovation makes it conceivable to dependably overmold distinctive materials in a solitary, completely robotized generation process. Contingent upon the blend of materials, the hard and delicate parts being referred to can even be artificially fortified, notwithstanding accomplishing the sealant impact.


In addition, LSR is without scent and flaunts a progression of extraordinary properties - yielding brilliant outcomes in pressure set testing while likewise guaranteeing protection from weathering, maturing and UV beams and along these lines furnishing a tried and true seal with high resistances.


The capacity of 2C LSR innovation to create arrangements that dependably shield against dampness, synthetic substances and high and low temperatures is quite compelling for the car business.


Be that as it may, as K-TECH brings up, the procedure is likewise appropriate to the gadgets, electrical, vitality, family unit products, transportation, therapeutic and beauty care products areas – and without a doubt numerous all the more other than.