Showing an old pump new traps


  • Client

    KSB SE & Co. KGaA

  • Services

    Using a smartphone app or a computer, the operator can then access the status data without having to be on site.

  • Technologies

    Cloud Computing

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Utilizing temperature and vibration sensors, maker KSB screens the current condition of both old and new pumps and makes the information accessible on the cloud. An administrator cautioning framework is likewise set up.


KSB from Frankenthal, Rheinland-Pfalz, a main provider of pumps, fittings and administrations, has displayed another framework for pump observing – the KSB Guard . When 60 minutes, associated vibration and temperature sensors record current machine information and send it to a passage, where the date are then encoded and exchanged to the KSB cloud.


Utilizing a cell phone application or a PC, the administrator would then be able to get to the status information without being nearby. To boost the range while limiting the quantity of required doors, KSB Guard builds up a work arrange between the associated pumps.


The framework can likewise be retrofitted to more seasoned pumps, as the sensors are attached to running machines by magnet or cement, making it superfluous to open up the pump. A gave battery supplies the power.


On the off chance that the normal vibration speed or temperature surpasses as far as possible, KSB Guard informs the draw administrator by email or message pop-up. KSB Guard is intended for KSB rotational pumps and furthermore underpins practically equivalent to frameworks of different makers.