3D printing with sap will before long be reasonable without help

  • Client

    Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT

  • Services

    To enable the additive production of resin-based plastic parts without the supportive structures previously required.

  • Technologies

    Additive Manufacturing (AM)

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Another machine innovation is proposed to empower the added substance creation of gum based plastic parts without the steady structures beforehand required. This spares ventures for CAD-based arranging and gets rid of the backings.


Under the name "TwoCure", the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT has prevailing with regards to building up another 3D printing process utilizing sap, which makes both the arranging of extra help structures and their manual evacuation in the wake of printing pointless.


Like stereolithography, photolithographic presentation is utilized to fix layered saps. The new procedure includes a blend of fluid and strong material.


An introduction unit extends the layer geometry into the warm, fluid connected sap, which at that point solidifies at the proper focuses.


Furthermore, a cooling framework guarantees that the rest of the pitch solidifies wide open to the harshe elements thus works as a help structure – however then melts again at room temperature and depletes off.


The post-handling is constrained to the washing and post-relieving of the completed workpieces, which can likewise be mechanized if fundamental.


The procedure is expected to be particularly appropriate for the creation of single parts and little clusters. Other research foundations are likewise attempting to abstain from supporting structures:


The Cologne University of Applied Sciences is focusing on a methodology that has the framework move the items to be made unreservedly around the printhead.