Fully automated bonding solution for exterior car parts

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    Joining exterior car parts more quickly, precisely, and efficiently.

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RAMPF Production Systems has developed a fully automated production cell for the bonding of exterior car parts. By combining cutting-edge mixing & dispensing technology, automation, and robotics, both the precision and speed as well as flexibility of manufacturing processes are maximized.


The production cell has been developed by RAMPF Production Systems GmbH based in Zimmern ob Rottweil, in the German federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. The basis for the production cell is the company’s new dispensing system C-DS , a solution for processing one- and two-component adhesives, resins, and sealants.


The modular design of the new solution should simplify integration into existing production lines. Not only is the integration of joining tools with linear motors possible, but also the use of traversing axes for mixing and dispensing technology, as well as for automatic discharging. The system works in tandem with 2-component polyurethane adhesives and has been specially designed to bond exterior parts such as spoilers, rear spoilers, side panels, and tailgates in the auto industry – according to a study conducted by Capgemini , this is currently the sector investing the most in the development of networked products.


The system encompasses a material conditioning, metering, and mixing unit and boasts a PLC control unit for process automation. Before the adhesive is applied, cleaning sensors verify that the parts to be bonded have been pre-cleaned. The system is Industry 4.0-fit, thanks to the possibility of combining it with robots from FANUC , KUKA , and ABB : If required, several machines can be integrated to correctly line up the various parts on the conveyor. Following bonding, Curing on Demand is used to help speed up the curing process.


Ultra-fast production processes are a must

  • Car manufacturers not only measure speed in mph. Moreover, ultra-fast production processes are essential for staying ahead of the competition.
  • With its holistic production cell concept for the bonding of external car parts such as side panels, rear spoilers, tailgates, and wind blades, RAMPF Production Systems is making a significant contribution for maximizing the precision, speed, and flexibility of production processes.


Dispensing system C-DS

  • At the heart of the intricate production unit lies the RAMPF dispensing system C-DS. The compact system guarantees for the precise application of the 2-component polyurethane adhesives that bond the parts.
  • The C-DS encompasses a material conditioning, metering, and mixing unit, PLC controls, and integrated process monitoring. The modular design of the dispensing system offers a high degree of flexibility, as metering pumps and mixing system are easy to integrate into existing handling units.


Poka Yoke process control

  • Before the adhesive is applied, a quality control system following the Poka Yoke principle verifies that a manual pre-cleaning of the inserted parts has taken place via cleaning sensors.