Operator Terminals, PMI 6 primo

Pilz expands its product range in the Motion Control area by a new operator terminal PMI 6 primo with control, motion and CNC function – control and visualisation of "primo" drives!

With PMI 6 primo it is possible to control either the entire machine or only a complex section
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Pilz Motion Control (PMC) offers Operator Terminals PMI 6 primo, with their PLC, Motion and CNC functionalities. Within the plant, they perform not only automation including motion management, but also the visualisation or project planning. This equipment enables the user to have a more flexible application, if required.

The new operator terminals PMI 6 primo ensure, due to the high performance, a high production quality and increased cycle figures. The powerful processor and memory equipment results in a powerful platform for automation tasks: The large memory for implementing also complex applications.

More modular…

With PMI 6 primo it is possible to control either the entire machine or only a complex section, which is connected and controlled under a higher-level PLC controller. Up to 40 axes can be linked flexibly to form a kind of electronic main shaft. This ensures an infinitely variable switching of gearbox factors and a change of cam disks within a movement and/or a pulse. As a result, the wear can not only be excluded, but the machine can also be set up or readjusted faster - on the fly.

…and more flexible

MI 6 primo also solves CNC tasks via automation and motion tasks: Using the functions of "flying saw", "cross cutter" or "cam disc function" the operator terminal offers may more functions that can easily be implemented using the control system. In addition, machine functions such as "flow wrapping" are also available. This expands the application areas: Beyond the classic machine automation, PMI 6 primo also ensures an increased production quality in the sectors of packaging and robotics and in pick-and-place applications.

Drive controls that maintain an overview

The visualisation of drive projects is performed via the PMI 6 primo touch screens. You can choose from 7 inch, 12 inch or 15 inch. All the versions are equipped with a user-friendly visualisation unit, yet are compatible with any standard HMI software. In this way, the configuration remains efficient for the user.

Assistant supports you with all the projects

The PMI Assistant is available to you for the installation of software packages. It can be used for efficient project planning by coordinated, preconfigured HMI packages. PMI 6 primo is equipped with a Soft PLC in accordance with IEC 61131, Version 3.5. All the benefits of object-oriented programming are available as a result. Users benefit from fast commissioning. For example, the standard functions such as "flying saw" are already stored as function blocks.

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