T-Systems Multimedia Solutions integrates Rhebo network security

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    T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

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    To offer its customers a pertinent service.

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    Network Connectivity

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Early detection of network anomalies is a crucial security factor in the industrial context. In the future, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions will work with Rhebo to be able to offer its customers a pertinent service.


As part of an association agreement, Dresden-based Telekom subsidiary T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH will join Leipzig-based Rhebo GmbH in close collaboration on the subject of industrial network security: Network anomaly detection Rhebo Industrial Protector is a new product in the digitalization service provider’s cyber security portfolio, and the network monitoring functions should now be available to T-Systems customers.


The monitoring function decodes data packages at the content level to detect suspicious processes in network-based control communication, enabling it to identify and analyze deviations arising from network issues or machine malfunctions.


The solution is already in use at the Industry 4.0 Model Factory at the Dresden University of Applied Sciences (HTW) as well as in a sample packaging system at Festo Didactic . T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, which uses the installations in both institutes and the showroom to introduce its customers to Industry 4.0 technologies,


The company has been recognized in the technology and telecommunications industries in particular, as well as Internet and e-commerce for IT implementation, IT strategy, digitalization, data analytics and big data.


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