SCHUNK is setting new standards in assembly automation with its 24 V modular system.

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    SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG

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    Clamping, gripping & holding systems

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    Clamping technology

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SCHUNK, the competence leader for gripping systems and clamping technology will showcase its products and services at the Motek 2017 (October 9-12, Stuttgart) with a clear focus: "24V technology will become the new standard in assembly automation throughout the coming years," affirmed Dr Markus Klaiber, Technical Director/CTO at SCHUNK GmbH & Co KG in Lauffen, Germany. "Our aim is to demonstrate the advantages of 24V technology to users as well as to other producers and system manufacturers, providing important impulses for broad-based mechatronisation of assembly systems."

The new standard in assembly automation

With its 24V modular system for assembly automation, SCHUNK sees itself as the pioneer for a technology that is to become the third strong pillar in assembly automation alongside pneumatic and >400V networks. The focus revolves around the central topics in assembly automation: flexibility, productivity and efficiency, as well as reducing commissioning expenditures and noise levels. Smart 24V technology meets these exact requirements. In addition to innovative 24V hardware in the form of ELP linear modules, EGP small parts grippers, PGN-plus-E universal grippers and EGS rotary gripping modules, SCHUNK supports users and system planners with an entire bundle of smart services.

Smart Services simplify engineering

The entire engineering process can be displayed virtually using digital twins - from calculating cycle times to the component design and collision calculation. Complete systems can be simulated in three-dimensional space. Systems can be programmed in advance, even before the first components are delivered. This results in savings in engineering expenditures of roughly 30 percent and a significant reduction in project durations. Even those who wish to wait before taking the first big first step can still benefit from the SCHUNK online configurator for assembly automation. With the tool based on the eCATALOG solutions technology from CADENAS, complete Pick & Place structures can be configured intuitively. Rather than simply loading each component individually and combining them manually into a Pick & Place system, the entire handling process can now be downloaded conveniently in all common CAD formats (either 2D or 3D) with just one click. With a minimum amount of effort in design and assembly, a wide range of design variants can be achieved. An intelligent combinational logic here ensures that only technological and mechanically possible configurations can be implemented.