Raising organizational happiness by changing work styles:
Demonstration experiment on the enhancement of organizational activation levels using an AI application program

Kazuo Yano, Corporate Chief Scientist of the Research & Development Group, explains the work style advice provided by a smartphone app.

Raising organizational happiness by changing work styles:
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    Hitachi, Ltd.

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    Industrial electrical and electronics solution

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    Electrical and Electronics

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In March 2017, the Japanese government formulated the Work Style Reform Action Plan. In response, labor and management policies are driving a rising trend to revise and change work styles. The goal is to improve work style quality through enhancements to work hours, productivity, and other characteristics of work life. With its decades of experience in research into human behavior and quality, Hitachi had already begun in 2015 a service that employs analysis using Hitachi's AI system, known as Hitachi AI Technology/H. Now, Hitachi has taken the next step by conducting a demonstration experiment that, by testing AI-based advice on work styles, showed a link between enhancing the happiness of an organization and improving business performance. The key to this outcome was an application program linking individual people with AI.