Level Measurement Solution for Storage Tanks

How Pune Techtrol solved a problem of level measurement in storage tanks at a chemicals and fertilizer manufacturing company.

‘G-TROL’ is a contact type guided wave radar
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    Transworld Furtichem Pvt Ltd

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    Level measurement

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    Automated measurement

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Pune Techtrol was recently approached by Transworld Furtichem Pvt Ltd to provide level measurement solution for storage tanks of various chemicals including 33% HCl. Transworld Furtichem is a manufacturer and supplier of wide range of chemical and fertilizers. Pune Techtrol had this challenging assignment, as the company had to offer them an optimum and durable solution for level measurement for 33% HCl which is reliable and cost effective.


Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) acid is highly corrosive and toxic. Concentrated HCl releases dangerous fumes also called as acidic mists which can cause damage and cause irreparable harm to human skin, eyes, tissues or internal organs. Upon oxidising of HCl, it produces toxic chlorine gas.

HCls handling requires extra precautions and care. The acid and its fumes corrode most of the engineering MOCs in a very short duration of time. This dangerous substance is generally used for steel pickling (removing rust or iron oxide scale from iron or steel before further processing), producing organic compounds, water treatment chemical, oil well acidizing, salt purification, household cleaner and leather processing. While handling it, one has to use protective gears like rubber gloves, boots, face shield, full suit and vapour respirator. As such, handling and storing HCl acid presents many problems and difficulties.


Pune Techtrol provided ‘G-TROL’ transmitters and ‘IN-TROL’ transmitters which have successfully been used for continuous level measurements of 33% Hydrochloric Acid.

G-TROL and IN-TROL are the transmitters based on radar principle, used for measurement of the level of liquids and solids. G-TROL is a contact type of transmitter which consists of a probe connected to an enclosure containing signal converting electronics; whereas IN-TROL is a non-contact type of transmitter, unaffected by conductivity and density of the liquid, enabling level measurement up to 30-metre depth.

The tanks were of varying depths from small to large. Pune Techtrol provided them ‘G-TROL’, a contact type transmitter, fitted with PTFE coated suspended probe for small tanks having a depth of 2mtrs. However, for large tanks having the depth of 10 metres, the cost of ‘G-TROL’ was becoming prohibitive, as we had to provide them with a very long sensor in PTFE.

Alternatively, Pune Techtrol installed a non-contact type radar transmitter ‘IN-TROL’ for large tanks. Being a non-contact type it was easy to handle and also there are no chances of corrosion damage of the instrument, hence it will serve for a long period of time.

Both types of transmitters have been successfully installed and commissioned. All these devices provided, are closely monitored by the employees of Transworld Furtichem Pvt Ltd.

Pune Techtrol Pvt Ltd is a leading Indian enterprise innovating level measurement and control techniques since 1984. The products are designed and engineered to provide reliable performance and they conform to appropriate industrial standards and are approved by most critical third party inspecting authorities.


‘G-TROL’ is contact type guided wave radar suitable for level measurement of liquids, slurries or solid particles.

Operating Principle: It consists of a probe connected to an enclosure containing signal converting electronics powered by 24 VDC supply. Low power electromagnetic pulses are sent along the probe length down to the product surface. The pulses are partially reflected back to the electronics. The intensity of pulses reflected back depend upon dielectric constant of the product. Transit time of  emitted  and  reflected  pulse  is  proportional  to  distance, which  is  then  converted  by  electronics  into  4-20  mA  signal output.

‘IN-TROL’ is a non-contact pulse radar type, integral transmitter for level measurement of liquids, slurries and solids up to 30 mtr range.