Robotic Press Brake Tending

Increased throughput, reduced cycle time, better and consistent quality of the finished product; such are the requirements of any manufacturing industry, in order to stay ahead of the competition. One such manufacturer approached DiFACTO with an interesting idea of using a robot for tending a press brake. In addition, the complete design for gripper, centering table, flipping station, layout preparation, PLC logic, list of Inputs & outputs had to be provided to the customer.

Robotic Press Brake Tending
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The press brake application throws out a unique set of challenges for the robot integration.

Large Variation in Sheet Sizes

The customer requested DiFACTO to incorporate a large range of sheet sizes in a single cell. In addition a common gripper had to be designed to accommodate similar sized sheets, to reduce the number of grippers in order to reduce the investments.

Robot Selection Constraint

Selecting a suitable robot was not an option to DiFACTO as the customer had in large numbers a particular make of robot and insisted that we use the same robot for the application.

Relative Age of the Robot

The robots meant to be used in this application were from an older generation and lacked basic documentation such as setup, operating and maintenance manuals.

The project started off with a little more than an idea and some CAD details given by the customer. Based on the CAD details, 3D modeling of the press was done by DiFACTO along with the design and modeling of the various elements for the cell to function. This included design of the gripper, centering table, flipping / turnover stand etc. Soon after the design was completed, the cad models were imported into simulation software for simulation study, where an optimum bending sequence was achieved for different sheets. Apart from this DiFACTO also selected various sensors needed for the application along with supplier identification and RFQ activity. During the on-site installation, DiFACTO assisted the customer in PLC logic writing and IO listing.

DiFACTO’s Edge to Customer

  • DiFACTO provided a single point contact for all automation related queries and services to the customer.
  • DiFACTO is one among the competent few to have successfully completed the Press Brake application in India.