The customer had developed a manual material removal/finishing process for the consumer electronic component which worked well but was subject to ergonomic concerns and part consistency issues. In addition, the material removed was considered hazardous to operators and required health and safety precautions. A final constraint was limited cleanroom floor space for the operation. The customer desired to automate the process to eliminate these issues and provide for increased production capacity

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    Omron Adept Technologies, Inc.

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    Industrial automation solution

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RAPID4mation proposed the use of a Cobra 600 SCARA robot mounted in a very compact cell. The robot was able to very closely mimic the successful manual material finishing motions and thus required relatively little process development. The robot was equipped with a multi-purpose vacuum gripper which provided for both part pick-up and processing support. 
The entire cell was enclosed and with a HEPA filtration installed, the questionable material was contained and collected. To accommodate space limitations, the cell was designed as a truncated triangle and made use of AIM path commands and a modified calibration sequence to provide all necessary robot reach and motion requirements. 
As an added bonus, a secondary cleaning process was added to automatically remove residual debris from the product after processing. Cell control was successfully accomplished with the Adept C-40 controller and a panel PC operator interface using AIM software. The cell has been in operation for 2½ years with very little downtime.