Material Handling Equipment: Improved Product Quality

Industry benchmarking assists a renowned material handling equipment manufacturer devise effective marketing campaigns.

Industry benchmarking for material handling
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Infiniti Research, a global market intelligence solutions provider, has released their new industry benchmarks analysis on the manufacturing industry. The client, a renowned material handling equipment manufacturer, wanted to devise effective marketing campaigns to investigate the benefits of their products. The material handling equipment manufacturer wanted to improve their current business process and adopt innovative ideas to create better business models.

Industry benchmarks offer reliable, responsible, and efficient solutions to the companies in the manufacturing space. According to the industry benchmark experts at Infiniti, “Major companies in the manufacturing industry are adopting promising solutions like industry benchmarks to improve performance and stay ahead in the market space.”

In the current competitive business scenario, organizations in the manufacturing industry are relying on material handling products to deliver smooth warehouse and logistics experience. With the advent of automation, manufacturers in the manufacturing sector are advocating the need for better material handling equipment to manage their inventory effectively. Manufacturers are also relying on industry benchmarks to improve performance and retain their position in the market.

The solution offered by Infiniti helped the client to lower labour costs and improve product quality and increase their overall sales performance. The client was also able to recognize the shortcomings and identify the key problem areas. Additionally, the client was able to compare competitive performance and build better business models.

This industry benchmarks solution provided benefits that helped the client to:

• Obtain information on the relevant technologies in the market

• Improve the product quality and determine the competitor’s products list, and

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This industry benchmarks solution offered predictive insights on:

• Improving their overall performance regarding sales and product lines

• Managing performance for the betterment of their customer experiences, and

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