Data Loggers-PC-Based MX100

PC-Based MX100
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    Yokogawa Electric Corporation

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    Data Loggers

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    Industrial Automation

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  • Data loggers record sensor data over longer periods of time for monitoring, testing, and analyzing asset health and performance.  Yokogawa data loggers are recognized by industry for superior reliability, noise immunity, measurement accuracy, and ease of use.
  • For test applications with data logging requirements, the MX100 scales from four to 1200 channels. It streams, records, displays, and reports with no programming required.
  • When combined with Yokogawa's turnkey PC software, the MX100's multi-channel capability and high isolation voltage offers the ultimate in measurement power.
  • Multi-Channel Capability, High Isoration Voltage

  • Shortest measurement interval of 10 ms (high-speed measurement of 10 ms on 24 channels or 100 ms on 60 channels is possible).
  • Possible to acquire data from up to 1,200 channels (when using Yokogawa's proprietary software).
  • Reinforced insulation between the input terminal and the case handles 3700 Vrms for one minute, or 600 Vrms/VDC continuous.
  • Easier to Use

    Flexible System Configuration

  • By configuring modules, a system can be built or modified to utilize 4 to 1,200 channels, and measurement intervals of 10 ms to 60 s.
  • Versatile PC-Based Software Options

  • Software developed by Yokogawa, an API, and a LabVIEW driver are available.
  • Easy Software Setup

  •    PC software developed by Yokogawa automatically identifies any connected MX100s.
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