The organisers spoke to several Exhibitors during Automation Expo 2017, and here is a representative set of impressions.

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An event of the magnitude of Automation Expo evokes many reactions, and in the quest for improvisation the organisers try to understand how exactly the exhibitors feel about the experience, based on a set of parameters.


“We are exhibiting in this exhibition almost every year. Our company is engaged in manufacturing process instruments and we manufacture every product that is displayed here at our facility located near Vapi,” said Shyam Warialani, Managing Director, Baumer Technologies India Pvt Ltd


About the experience at the show, he said, “Automation Expo has always been the one event which is a platform by which we are able to exhibit our strength, growth and continuity in the market. We have been focusing on making our products much more reliable, using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and following Lean Six Sigma, TQM and other practices, as well as relevant international standards for manufacturing. This is a platform where we can connect with our customers.


“The organizers are doing excellent job, year over year. There is more professionalism and more systematic and flawless execution with every passing year. We get our stalls exactly as committed well within the time. So we are ready on time, our stall always up to date when the exhibition starts and I think they're doing an excellent job,” Warialani said.


Expectation at Automation Expo 2017: More focus on factory automation including somewhat more additional production process automation. While we do not know how the market would be in coming years, but the indications are it would be very good for process automation. Currently for us, factory automation is the buzzword as lots of our products are used for automation purpose in the factory, and to me that is always going to be the pull factor.


One word for the whole show: 3-star.



Sanjeev Kumar, Head of MTS, Product, Marcom and Channel Marketing, Rittal GmbH & Co KG, said, “Rittal is in India for almost 20 years. We are into manufacturing enclosures and cooling units for industrial applications. In India we have our manufacturing base in Bangalore, and are a leading supplier on enclosures to all leading companies here.


“At this expo we have observed that a lot of automation professionals come to understand the current trends and this is a good place to exhibit products. We participate every year and last year our booth was the largest. This year we have exhibited a lot of new products, especially the hand tools, which have come from Germany. The Blue e+ cooling unit series on display here is attracting a lot of attention, as also the data centre. So a lot of visitors and good enquiries, and I think it is overall very good.


“The organizers are continuously working towards to improve this event, making efforts to get a lot of visitors and as there so many exhibitors under the same roof, it is the kind of place where everybody can understand what is happening around, see what are the new developments and the products they can use in their industry,” said Sanjeev.


As for next year, Sanjeev feels in automation, Industry 4.0 is something of a buzzword which is coming up frequently in conversation, and there will be more products and applications for this.


The expo in one word: Good.


Parineeta Bartakke, International Marketing at Bartakke, Bartakke Electrofab Pvt Ltd, said, “We manufacture SS and MS enclosures for various control panels, and other applications in electrical and electronics field. Currently we are displaying our stainless steel range, which we have been exporting so far and have now launched in the domestic market.


“Our experience with the Automation Expo is being really well, really good. We have been exhibiting for the past many years now. The crowd that walks in is highly professional and very aware, so we are very happy with it.


“The organising is done pretty well though there are certain issues here and there, but mostly we had a very positive experience,” said Parineeta.


For 2018, “I would rather like to see more of robotics and other very different new technologies that are launched in Europe in such events, but not so much in India. I hope Automation Expo brings that next year”.


One word for the whole show: Exciting.



“Parker Hannifin is a global motion and control system solutions provider. Here at the Automation Expo we have displayed our complete range of motion and control systems. We are mainly into pneumatic controls, drive controls and electro mechanical solutions.  Our solutions are now diversified to various industries we support, ranging from automotive to steel, and we are also very strong in the life sciences industry. It is quite encouraging and very motivating response that we have received in this expo,” said Noel DBritto, Country Marketing Manager at Parker Hannifin India.


Speaking about the event and the arrangements, DBritto said, “This time we have received quite good response with the organisers and it was quite a smooth transition what we had from the day we have registered till the time you have put up our stall so it was very good coordination and quite supportive staff so we are quite happy with our participation in the Automation Expo this year.”


“For 2018, we at Parker are also developing many products which typically communicate with each other in the IIoT environment, a movement from automation components to smart components which go into the system and invariably help customers integrate with IIoT technologies for process control and also get into preventive maintenance.”


When asked to describe the show in word, DBritto’s response: Awesome!


Sandeep Dawkhar, GM, Projects & Business Development at TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd, said, “We are exhibiting the Brabo robot along with several application examples. We actually got lot of positive feedback, and there is lot of interest which is coming from various industry segments. The visitor profile is quite good, we have received a good number of enquiries, and overall, the effect is quite positive.” 


About the arrangements, Sandeep said, “I find that overall the layout of the hall and everything is quite good. It is very well organised and the facilities that have been provided are quite excellent, world class in fact. So I think the event has improved a lot in terms of providing the right facilities. The way the entry and exit gates are managed is done quite well. Even the participant profile is also quite excellent.”


As for what are the new technologies he would want to seen at Automation Expo 2018, Sandeep had this to say: “Basically I will be talking more about my field. We would like to see more robotic companies to be focused here. Also it would good to have more numbers of system integrators engaged in automation because this is one thing which is going to be in demand as the focus intensifies on IIoT, because IIoT is the rapidly emerging field which is going to the norm, as also artificial intelligence.”


‘Excellent’ is how Sandeep described the show in word.


“Southco is an American company with 17 subsidiaries all over the world – India is one of them. The products are supplied to 83 countries. At our facility in Pune we primarily manufacture/assemble locks. Southco is an engineering access hardware manufacturing company, in simple terms we can call it locks, latches, hinges, etc., which have wide applications in the automation industry, especially in Zone 1 and Zone 2 environment where the physical aspect of security is very important for all the electrical/electronic controls housed in various panels. We have different kinds of locks, which can be operated from remote like electronic locks. There are compression locks suitable for vibration prone environment, which can also work in seismic zones, so the panels do not open inadvertently. Our hardware has applications in various industries like automotive, food processing, process automation, construction equipment, railways, etc,” said Viresh Manrai, General Manager, Business Development, Southco India India Pvt Ltd.


“Since this our first time, we do not know much about the organisers, but from what I have seen during this show, it is a family kind of an environment. The interesting thing is, IED Communications have a Board of Governors, which consists of industry veterans who actually drive the show, so it is more like a collaborative effort with experience from different industries. The people I have met from the organisers side are very knowledgeable and helpful,” Veeresh concluded.


One word for the whole show: Expertise!