IBM takes Artificial Intelligence to next level; system can now debate with humans


The AI system called 'Project Debater' does not completely work on keywords and search related documents. It is capable of finding a deeper understanding




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    System can now debate with humans

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If we look at the technology around us, we are living in the future. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a reality we have started to live with. Taking this power of AI a step further, IBM’s AI system recently participated in an actual live public debate with humans. Yes, you heard it right.


At an event held by IBM in Watson West site, San Francisco, on June 18, IBM’s AI system 'Project Debater' actually participated in a logical debate with a human being. Both, the human being and the machine, began by preparing arguments for and against the statement “We should subsidize space exploration”.


Both of them spoke for 10 minutes, each while in the debate.


Arvind Krishna, Director, IBM Research, wrote in a blog published on the  June 18, “Just think about that for a moment. An AI-system engaged with an expert human debater, listened to her arguments, and responded convincingly with its own, unscripted reasoning to persuade an audience to consider its position on a controversial topic”.


Not just once but 'Project Debater' once again debated with another Israeli expert debater, Dan Zafrir, featuring opposing arguments on the statement: “We should increase the use of telemedicine”.


'Project Debater' does not completely work on keywords and search related documents. AI is capable of finding a deeper understanding and can actually develop a perspective on the subject. However, 'Project Debater' is a machine and is impartial, and is not out to prove a position or to be right. The AI has learned hints of languages and through that it decides where the argument of the given subject is leaning towards.


According to a report by Livemint, Project Debater has been in development with IBM since 2012.


The two successful live debates with humans for an AI is a huge breakthrough, not only for the company but also for machines and humankind.