Artificial intelligence plans truck transport routes

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    Development of intelligent algorithms that constantly recalculate probabilities for transport capacities and automatically optimise themselves.

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    Artificial Intelligance (AI)

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Cargonexx is one of the European pioneers in the use of artificial intelligence in road transport. The Hamburg-based truck transport company is currently working on the development of intelligent algorithms that constantly recalculate probabilities for transport capacities and automatically optimise themselves.


This allows future tours to be forecast independently by the Cargonexx algorithm. Countless empty kilometres and long waiting times for transporters soon be a matter of the past as a result of this innovation and can be largely prevented by the trail-blazing work of Cargonexx.


The pioneer company has already received several European prizes and awards for the further development of the concept to increase capacity utilisation in the transport industry towards predictive matching.


"Many offers are currently available in Europe for reducing empty truck journeys. There are digital freight forwarders, freight exchanges, transport platforms – all have the same goal. But nobody goes as far and works as radically on route optimisation as we do. We are building Europe's first data-based intelligent transport network.


Our work and vision are paying off, we have already received several awards for them and are delighted about the Europe-wide appreciation and recognition for our company," says Rolf-Dieter Lafrenz, CEO of Cargonexx.


Self-learning algorithms and digitised process chains are the foundation for predicting prices and capacities for truck tours in seconds. Cargonexx is not only able to convince professional juries and experts, more and more users are also relying on this modern data technology and the use of artificial intelligence.


With their large transport network, the Hamburg-based company is getting ever closer to achieving a lasting solution to the European problem of capacity utilisation in the long term. Over 5,000 transport companies with more than 70,000 trucks are currently registered on the platform.


In this network, quantities and capacities will be automatically predicted in the future and merged into tour combinations. The aim is to achieve minimum empty truck journeys throughout Europe by permanently calculating the optimisation dependencies and automatically adapting the tours in the network.


In March, the Hamburg-based trucking start-up received the European Commission's award for the best mobility start-up in Europe for its innovative business model. The Boston Consulting Group and Europcar were also represented on the expert jury.


Previously, Cargonexx received the Spark Award – the German Digital Prize awarded by the business newspaper Handelsblatt and consulting company McKinsey, the ‘Trail Blazers Award’ of newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and the Polish Innovation Award for logistics companies. Cargonexx was also the only European trucking start-up among the finalists for the 'Supply Chain Startup Award Europe'.