Gurugram-based AI startup launches smart glass with speech and image recognition to help identify criminals.

The smart glass has an inbuilt camera which captures input to trigger Facial Recognition.
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    To help identify criminals

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    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Gurgaon-based Staqu has launched its AI-powered Smart Glass for the Indian market. Promising to revolutionise personal security, the Smart Glass is capable for both, speech and image recognition, and thus, can be used to identify potential threats to the civil society, such as criminals, intruders or terrorists around.

The smart glass has an inbuilt camera which captures input to trigger Facial Recognition. Once the face is identified from within the given databases, the Smart Glass projects the results on the glass screen. The entire process happens in real-time as the user simply glances over the vicinity. The company claims that even in wild scenarios, the Smart Glass by Staqu fuses together speech and image recognition to utilise a hybrid identification technology and uniquely identify anyone. 

The information is streamed in real-time from a centralised server. The glasses can further be controlled from a centralised administrative portal, and specific recognition targets for each glass can be set remotely.


Commenting on the new development, Atul Rai, Co-Founder & CEO of Staqu said, “At Staqu, we are driven to solve real-world problems with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

To the same end, we are proud to present Staqu’s AI-powered Smart Glass, which is capable of a hybrid of Speech and Image recognition and can warn the citizens against any potential threat around them. Given the building paranoia and a need for smart security, we are hopeful that a majority of users and security forces will opt for this product.”