Enterprises with manufacturing functions are constantly looking for different ways to develop profitability and efficiency

1: MRPEasy software suite; 2: NetSuite; 3: Fishbowl; 4: Infor VISUAL
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The MRP (Manufacturing Production Software) is easy-to-use and easy-to-implement software with no previous experience required. Therefore, a lot of manufacturing businesses consume months analysing different solutions and try to find out the one, which does the work well, is easy as promised as well as takes lesser time in implementation.



Enterprises having manufacturing functions are continually looking for different ways of driving efficiency through streamlining procedures as well as keeping the costs down whereas keeping the customer services and productivity up. Vendors provide technologies, which fit the necessities of manufacturers and help those managing complex procedures across the projects. Manufacturers always look for ways for managing inventory better; improve quality, increase productivity, and decrease the lead times. It needs coordination among the whole business enterprise, from back office to the production. As everybody works in tandem, they can respond quicker and more efficiently to fluctuations of demand, competitors, as well as supply chain problems.


However, it’s essential to get software, which fits your business and your industry. Companies understand that all the industries are different and that’s why they provide options designed for the understanding about main challenges. They provide different options for the manufacturers to fulfil their distinctive requirements to manage every business procedure, despite industry.



Manufacturing Software

Innovative technologies help manufacturers in streamlining business procedures as well as break down the growth barriers, whereas remaining responsive for the quick response for customer’s demands as well as emerging markets.

  • Boost competence with actionable and real-time visibility into business operations
  • Easily become accustomed to the new manufacturing techniques, changing client requirements, and evolve business strategies
  • Follow, measure, and observe your whole business, from the initial floor to the top floor as well as from the raw materials to ultimate products
  • Optimise the lean manufacturing and concentrate on the main priorities for taking smarter decisions, get rid of waste and amplify the customer satisfaction, and
  • Reduce the costs and reorganise procedures while you grow up revenue and raise profits.


Complete Manufacturing Solutions

Businesses today are looking to get a complete manufacturing solution, which will stop unnecessary downtime, whereas increase manufacturing quality, efficiency, and income margins.

In manufacturing business, the money will be generated at the shop and that’s why real-time accessibility of information associated in the whole manufacturing procedure is important for the sustained growth, profitability and success of the manufacturing business. It concentrates on the shop floor control, which is the foundation of the developing manufacturing software. The manufacturing software or MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software allows the manufacturers to:

  • Fulfil quality standards
  • Have absolute unimpaired visibility as well as tracking of whole manufacturing procedure from the raw materials throughout customer delivery
  • Manage with 100% machine operation
  • Optimise arrangement and resource allocation despite the plant locations
  • Remove non-value added procedures, and
  • Remove unplanned downtime.


Manufacturing software with MES solutions consist of modules for planning, scheduling, monitor, organise, analyse as well as report on a manufacturing procedure from back-to-back, providing you real-time control and visibility over your whole manufacturing supply chain. Here are some features of Manufacturing Software Solutions:


  • Activity Monitoring with Notification System
  • Bar coding and Labelling
  • Data Collection and Manufacturing Monitoring
  • Document Control
  • Forecasting
  • Internal Transactions
  • Inventory Tracking with Traceability
  • Labour, capability, and MRP (Material Requirements Planning)
  • Material Billing
  • MPS (Master Production Schedule)
  • Multi Facility Manufacturing Management
  • Outsource Management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Project Maintenance Management
  • Quality & Compliance Management
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Sophisticated Scheduling and Planning
  • SPC (Statistical Process Control)
  • Vendor Management Inventory, and
  • WMS (Warehouse Management Schedule).

There are some manufacturing software vendors that are best for small manufacturing businesses, looking to get simple MRP software for organising the inventory and production well. Let’s take a quick look at some of them:


NetSuite Software

NetSuite Software provides an incorporated inventory, accounting, warehouse management, order management, financial management, e-commerce and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform. Being cloud-based software delivered over web, NetSuite is used by the manufacturing businesses in managing production orders, make sure restocking of base inventory levels, and make sure the quality and success of the special orders. Additionally, the system supports inventories for several locations, requirements of assembly management, material bills, work-order management, different measurement methods, bar coding processed, and other required business procedures of manufacturing industry. This can also incorporate shipping procedures with conventional carriers like FedEx.


NetSuite Manufacturing Edition Software helps in tracking leads as well as turns them into orders, whereas also track the relationship between revenue and production for manufacturing different companies. Its dashboard can be customised and helps in monitoring the actual business operations. With other SaaS platforms, this can be accessed online, through lesser upfront cost as well as a significantly less compound implementation procedure.


Fishbowl Manufacturing Software

Fishbowl Manufacturing Software is the inventory management and business automation platform for smaller to mid-sized businesses. This integrates with the QuickBooks accounting.

Fishbowl provides facilities like inventory controlling, MRP (Material Requirements Planning) as well as job shop manufacturing execution. It can be used as per users’ requirements. This inventory-centric system comes with the features like asset management, bar coding, cycle counting, raw material management, and custom-made reporting. This system automates procedures like quoting, ordering and buying.


Fishbowl Manufacturing Software can be used in nearly all the industries by companies having earning equal to $100 million annually. This provides training and help resources using the training videos, different online tutorials, and internal specialists. Fishbowl’s incorporation with QuickBooks helps users integrating manufacturing, distribution and sales procedures using back-office accounting. For the last 10 years, Fishbowl is holding the Gold Partner position for Intuit, the utmost level of services a third-party developer can achieve!



ECi M1 – ERP Software

ECi M1 is the complete on-premise ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, which automates inventory, production, financials, sales/quoting, as well as production planning. This software is specially designed to fulfil the necessities of smaller to mid size business firms that do manufacturing through make-to-stock, repetitive, make-to-order as well as engineer-to-order procedures. M1 provides the MRP modules on the best-of-breed base. The system provides features like inventory bar coding, customisable reporting and shop floor control.


Other main features consists of free “view only” license for the buyers that only want to view or edit the reports, “Smart Screen Technology”, which automatically changes the screens as per users’ inputs and free M1 Design Studio, which helps users to modify the system with no changes in source codes or need deep programming knowledge. The ECi sells as well as supports this software directly without any dealers or value-added resellers. The company is currently supporting more than 1,000 customers.


Infor VISUAL – ERP Software

Infor VISUAL is the ERP System that provides end-to-end functionalities built for the manufacturing organisations that are looking for an absolute solution, which supports the whole operational lifecycle, starting from planning to resourcing, creation and delivery.

This solution provides applications for managing MES, MRP, HR, supply chain management and reporting & customer management. This can be utilised by the manufacturers in many industries like automotive, electronics, aerospace, medical devices, industrial equipment, and more.


Infor VISUAL is compatible with the majority of manufacturing modes like ETO, MTO, make-to-stock, configure-to-order, assembly-to-order and multi-entity or multi-site in the single database having solitary sign-on authentication.


JobBOSS Software

JobBOSS is another ERP Software built for smaller- midsize manufacturers. It helps production and office staff in managing the job information everyday to support customer service as well as on-time deliveries. The key features consist of quoting, advanced scheduling, order processing, inventory, accounting, payroll, quality (ASI and ISO), mobility and data collection. The data is positioned in the single database, providing networked users immediate access to all the shared information. It helps decision makers to become aware of the things happening at shop floor as well as in the office.


This Software gives a strong weight on productivity, costing, and scheduling. It’s appropriate for custom, engineer-to-order, make-to-order, and mixed shops as well as handle daily situations as per the manufacturing flow for these kinds of facilities. JobBOSS is available for purchase with the standard license as well as the subscription. You can also deploy it as the on-premise or cloud-based solution.



While choosing the right manufacturing production software, it’s suggested to take your time as well as try your option carefully with simplified test jobs as aligning business procedures and entering all the data is a serious project. In addition, the majority of MRP vendors provide a free demo or a free trial which is an enormous way of evaluating the software without spending anything.

-Dharmesh Tolia



  1. The MRPEasy software suite.
  2. NetSuite modular cloud system.
  3. Fishbowl is the inventory management and business automation platform.
  4. Infor VISUAL is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.