At SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2017, Baumüller will introduce complete solution packages and industry-specific components for automated welding processes.


From September 25-29, 2017 Baumüller will participate in SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN in Düsseldorf. In hall 13 at stand E53, the Nuremberg-based drive and automation specialist will present its systems, components and services for the specialised world of joining, cutting and surfacing.

Perfect Motion for Perfect Welding
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Increased productivity due to the intelligent overall solution

The example of the QIROX QRH-280 six-axis welding robot from Cloos will be used to show the advantages of the Baumüller automation systems. This means complete automation from a single source, from the operating software to the servo drive, as well as a high level of security for the future and investments thanks to the platform-independent and scalable control solution. The modular solutions can be flexibly integrated into existing and new production systems due to the open interfaces.


The robot is completely automated by Baumüller and is driven by six DSH1 high-precision servo motors. The DSH1 motors were developed specifically for applications with the highest standards for quality and smooth operation. Typical application fields are welding robots, for example. The new multi-axis controller b maXX 5800 will also be presented. The compact controller for up to six drive axes can be configured individually and fully flexibly. This means that users can freely combine axis powers in the controller. They can also integrate the exactly right axis power for every single axis. The result is a device that meets the requirements of their applications perfectly.


From special technology modules to the box PC to control technology and drives for robotics, Baumüller provides complete solutions for material handling and robotics applications. With extremely high precision, exact positioning, high dynamics and maximum repeatability, robotic applications with Baumüller technology are suited for complex material handling tasks. With its solutions for Industry 4.0 and an enormous variety of interfaces, Baumüller enables the flexible and simple networking of the automated machines and machine modules with other system parts as well as with external systems and platforms.


Service 4.0: Digitisation Increases Availability

An innovation in the field of service is BAUDIS IoT, a system for the process optimisation and for the predictive maintenance system of existing and new machines. BAUDIS IoT is the consistent enhancement of the BAUDIS diagnostic system developed by Baumüller, which has successfully been in use for more than 20 years. BAUDIS increases the process reliability and availability of production and is successfully used worldwide in machines and plants.


BAUDIS IoT, the latest version, is an IoT-capable diagnostic and communication system that allows for a simple networking of machines and systems via the Internet and the intelligent analysis of data. The networked version benefits from the long-standing expertise of a successful system. The system can be used independently of the manufacturer of the automation components and the sensors and therefore can easily be retrofitted and upgraded. It is therefore equally suitable for greenfield and brownfield plants, i.e., for the digitisation of new and existing production facilities.


BAUDIS IoT allows for the continuous monitoring of automation components and machine states, data recording and analysis and the generation and output of a recommendation for action. The evaluation always occurs with the latest available algorithms. The system is thus continuously made more intelligent and uses algorithms to develop independent solutions (machine learning). By avoiding production errors, productivity increases and does so automatically through a self-regulating process.


Product Highlights

With the new generation of box PCs b maXX PCC04, Baumüller is providing a new scalable and versatile control platform to users. The industry PC offers a large amount of interfaces, is expandable and thus enables a flexible machine construction.


The networking of man, machine or sensors is increasing in the industrial sector. To protect industrial security, Baumüller offers a secure solution for the remote maintenance of machines and systems with Ubiquity: The state of machines can thus be monitored worldwide and quickly responded to in a targeted manner if necessary. This capability of quick and accurate diagnostics and troubleshooting saves time and money. Ubiquity thus increases the productivity and efficiency of machines. The Ubiquity runtime environment is pre-installed in all Windows-based HMIs from Baumüller and can be used without separate hardware.


Lifecycle management 4.0 worldwide

In addition to developing and manufacturing automation components, Baumüller as a corporate group also covers numerous services for machine and systems construction as well as for machine operators. Starting with the project planning, design and commissioning all the way to maintenance, retrofitting and relocation, Baumüller offers support throughout the entire life cycle of machines and systems.


Mechanical engineers and machine operators at the trade fair will have the opportunity to be consulted by service experts from the Baumüller subsidiaries Nürmont and the Baumüller repair facility on such topics as manufacturer-independent repair, servicing, relocation and installation. With over 40 branches worldwide, Baumüller is a globally reliable service partner with decades of local worldwide experience.





Pix1: Six-axis robot in action: The robot is driven by DSH1 high-precision servo motors


Pix2: The multi-axis controller b maXX 5800 contains up to six scalable axes, which makes it a particularly compact solution for machines with several drives


Pix3: The Ubiquity runtime environment is pre-installed in all Windows-based HMIs from Baumüller and can be used without separate hardware


Pix4: BAUDIS IoT is an IoT-capable diagnostic and communication system that allows for a simple networking of machines and systems via the Internet and the intelligent analysis of data. Smart data analysis is used to avoid production errors and to increase productivity, all automatically through a self-regulating machine learning process


Pix5: With their excellent control properties, the servo motors of the new DSH1 series (image at left) achieve the high quality and precision that are required, e.g., for specific welding seams. Image right: Carl Cloos Schweißtechnik GmbH