SUHNER presents new grinding, milling, and polishing system, SUNmic 60 micro motor system.

The SUNmic 60 micro motor system.
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In many technical fields, ultrafine grinding is one of the tasks that gives the product its final polish – in the truest sense of the word. This applies equally to both precision and the visual appeal.

One of the leading manufacturers of professional surface treatment tools and machines for over a hundred years, SUHNER now presents an innovative grinding, milling, and polishing system under the name SUNmic 60.

The central element is an intelligent control unit with touch panel that can take a range of micro motors and tool hand pieces depending on the application. The control part has modern features such as touch screen operation on a glass display, the option to save settings, and a rotation speed regulator with tangible resistance.

Key settings are easily legible on a large digital display.

Micro motor system

The actual tools are driven by powerful micro motors whose 280 W places a lot of power in the user’s hand. The compact, brushless BL/DC motors provide an extraordinarily wide speed range of 1000-60,000 rpm and deliver a high torque. In practice, they can be compared with pneumatic technologies, but do not need a compressed air supply, operate at lower energy levels, and emit virtually zero noise, and that without exhaust air and without oil mist.

One further benefit is that they run virtually free of vibrations. The high concentricity safeguards clean and reproducible results in all areas. A special heavy-duty clamping system prevents the millers from shifting. Chuck diameters range from 2.35, 3.0, and 6.0 mm to 1/8 and 1/4 inch.  

Flexible applications

The new SUNmic 60 micro motor system can be connected to a 90-240 V source, and can therefore be used anywhere in the world. It offers a large number of combinations. The tools range from straight, angle, and filing hand pieces to belt grinders. The control unit can be connected to two BL/DC motors and an AC motor.

Advantage: The new control unit is compatible with available micro motors.

This is a true all-round talent for many applications.

The new system can be used everywhere only the perfect results count – for instance, grinding, milling, brushing, and polishing in tool and mould making; in aircraft, engine, and motor building; in engine tuning; and much more. SUHNER offers a range of matching machines, tools, and abrasives that have been tailored specifically to each of these applications. Also a mould making tool catalogue is available.

The high concentricity and low-vibration running can only benefit the final results.

The most important properties of SUNmic 60:

• Robust control unit with intelligent features and uncluttered digital display

• Touch screen operation on glass display

• Rotation speed regulator with tangible resistance

• Two sockets for hand pieces with the new BL/DC motors and one for conventional motors with carbon brushes

• Separate, non volatile rotation speed memory for each connection

• Wide, continuous range of rotation speeds of 1000-60,000 rpm

• High torque

• Low-vibration running and noiseless operation

• High concentricity of 0.01 mm

• Manual and automatic workpiece clamping under high forces

• Overload protection, dust and spray water protection, and

• Option for connecting a pedal.

Knowhow on site

SUHNER provides demo services for field expertise. This offers interested parties expert advice free of charge from experienced field workers. The demo services vehicle carries all of the usual tools, attachments, and abrasives, and the right end to end solution can be found directly on site based on the actual workpieces.



Photo1: The new SUHNER SUNmic 60 micro motor drive system.

Photo 2: The new SUNmic 60 micro motor system has been designed for complex milling, grinding, brushing, and polishing work in tool and mould making; in aircraft, engine, and motor building; and similar applications.

Photo 3: Together with the brushless BL/DC motors, the hand pieces deliver the maximum of performance.

Photo 4: The actual tools are driven by powerful micro motors.