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The Curtain Raiser presents brief profiles of Companies exhibiting at the Automation Expo 2018 (August 29-September 01, 2018 – BCEC, Goregaon, Mumbai).


Kusaba Engineers represents some of leading international companies in automation field, for their following range of products in India and would be keen to offer you the right solution:

  • Mattke AG, Germany: Brushless DC servo motors, hollow shaft motors, servo drives, amplifiers, disk armature motors, low backlash gear drives, explosion proof/special housing motors. These are available up to 7460 W; torque 0.3 Nm to 100 Nm; and higher capacity special motors are also available on request
  • Advanced Orientation Systems Inc., USA: Inclinometers, digital magnetic compass
  • Posital Fraba, Germany: Absolute encoders, incremental encoders (programmable), inclinometers
  • VectorNAV, USA: GPS-aided inertial navigation system
  • Rohde KG, Germany: Complete range of EMI/EMC shielding products, also provide customised solution various EMI/EMC Shielding related products, and
  • EMC Test Design LLC, USA: EMI, EMC test & measuring equipments, PC based spectrum analyser.


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