YCM – The Mantra is Continuous Improvement

YCM is one of the rare companies that manufactures most of the components in-house

Alex Wei, Sales Engineer, International Sales
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Founded in 1954, Yeong Chin Machinery Industries Co (YCM) has grown into a large supplier of VMCs, HMCs and CNC turning centres. The company boasts of the largest R&D Centre in Taiwan, has an installed capacity to manufacture 2000 machines per annum, owns a sprawling complex with a swanky headquarters, own foundry and storage area (500 tonnes of iron castings per month), machining facility for castings, spindle assembly, four assembly shops, packaging warehouse and still has land for further expansion – something few manufacturers can boast in Taichung!

“YCM is one of the rare companies that manufactures most of the components in-house including spindles (2000-40,000 rpm), and apart from a handful of specialised machines from other manufacturers, uses its own machines in production,” says Alex Wei, Sales Engineer, International Sales. The integral spindle motor design results in low vibration and also reduces thermal deformation. The micro oil-air lubrication system with hi-lube technology is its own innovation, 2.5 times more effective than normal lubrication. Another YCM speciality is the Spindle Thermal Compensation, which provides total compensation at full speed range besides other advantages.

‘Anybody teacher, anybody student’ is the approach YCM follows at work, says Wei. The assembly operations have a system of two engineers per machine to ensure diligent following of procedures. In line with its philosophy of core competency, all its technicians are skilled in making a perfect hand scraped surface with 20 spots per, 40% contact rate! YCM’s i-Direct production line monitoring system, compatible with Fanuc, Heidenhain and Siemens CNC controllers provides plant operators with instant production status and running status of each machine, effectively linking the office with the factory.

YCM first adopted the Toyota Production System (TPS) in 2006 and later integrated it with its own unique production system called YCMPS – YCM Production System. It has won numerous accolades including the TPM Excellence Category A certificate from Japan Institute of Plant Management. YCM is represented in India by S&T Engineers, Coimbatore. But the company is also aware of Indian strength in machine tools and must strive in the sales arena for a better share.

(YCM is one of the machine tool manufacturers visited during the TMTS 2018 Preview Press Conference Programme. TMTS 2018 is scheduled from November 7th to November 11th, at Taichung High Speed Rail Zone, Taichung, Taiwan)