Yinsh – Construct the World with Little Parts

Yinsh follows smart manufacturing at its plants based on IoT technologies for machine monitoring


GM Jack You-chong Wu and Dy GM Roy You-jie Wu
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The locknut is one of the critical components in machine tools – each unit uses 10 locknuts to hold the bearings in place. ‘Construct the World with Little Parts’ says the slogan on the website of Yinsh Precision Industrial Co Ltd, a family-based producer of precision components founded in 1989 by Mr Guo-hua Lin, the President of the company. His twin sons, General Manager Jack You-chong Wu and Deputy General Manager Roy You-jie Wu, today form the operational decision making team. Like them, the workers at all the six manufacturing plants of the company are young, with average employee age of just 25 years.

Yinsh follows an informal atmosphere at work and all its employees are served free meals at the workplace. “Sustainability, Growth, Excellence, and Sincerity” is the business philosophy at work. Yinsh follows smart manufacturing at its plants based on IoT technologies for machine monitoring. The main production machines are Mazak and DMG units supplemented by a wide range of other machine tools from various Taiwan manufacturers. Since Yinsh is a supplier of locknuts to a majority of Taiwan companies, it has cleverly branded all its shopfloor machines ‘Yinsh’ so as not to upset any of its customers! Smart strategy indeed! All six manufacturing plants are centrally connected and monitored, the parameters of each production machines can be accessed remotely from the central location through the SkyMars SMB (smart machine box), with LED display panels located at several places on the shopfloor.

But the real ace up the company’s sleeve is a new fully automated factory that is under construction which will take care of the future demand as well as consolidate and streamline its existing facilities. Space is now at a premium and in Taichung, a major constraint for expansion. At present, Yinsh manufactures 350,000 locknuts per month. Besides catering to domestic demand, Yinsh locknuts are exported to more than 30 countries globally.

The locknuts manufactured by Yinsh are divided into four major categories: YS-series precision locknuts, SBL-series superfine balanced locknuts, SGL-series superfine grinding locknuts and YSPL-series that varies in locking characteristics and functions with sizes ranging from M5-M450 mm.

(Yinsh is one of the machine tool manufacturers visited during the TMTS 2018 Preview Press Conference Programme. TMTS 2018 is scheduled from November 7th to November 11th, at Taichung High Speed Rail Zone, Taichung, Taiwan)