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Quaser machines adopted M2M communication based on MT Connect or PPC UA protocols


Rock Liao, President, Quaser Machine Tools
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Quaser Machine Tools Inc was founded in 1991 by Edward Shar and Samuel Shieh. The name QUASER is derived from QUAlity and SERvice – the principles on which the company is built, the main products being VMCs, HMCs, five-axis mill-turns, pallet systems and flexible manufacturing cells. “At Quaser the emphasis is on machine design with continuous innovation, sophistication in technology yet simplicity in operation,” says Rock Liao, President of the company. Unlike some of the peers that manufacture critical components in-house, Quaser relies on an effective supply chain for most of its components – critical or otherwise – the vendors almost all located within a 30-km radius of its factory at Dajia, Taichung City.

On the shop floor, Quaser follows the system of one-man assembly – a single person assembles a machine to ensure total responsibility. Another speciality adopted is traditional hand scraping for the sliding elements to ensure high accuracy levels. “At Quaser, we strive to avoid the ‘me-too’ style of machine building,” says Rock while hinting at how it is easy to become a machine builder in Taiwan. For spindle lubrication, the company relies on grease replenishment based on German technology. “We maintain an accuracy that is half of what is the ISO requirement. Our machines undergo a full 48-hour non-stop testing cycle and a 3-tier cutting test, which many builders avoid,” says Liao. The company’s market focus is on mid- and high-range machines, specifically on multi face machining units.

Quaser machines adopted M2M communication based on MT Connect or PPC UA protocols depending upon end user requirements. Its machines are Industry 4.0 compliant with the machine data in terms of loading/unloading/cycle times monitored centrally for correct information and status. It also follows the machine frequency comparison by vibration sensors to avoid chattering. Apart from standalone machines, Quaser offers robot cells in various configurations for mixed production and unmanned operation. The majority of its market distribution (generally 60-80 per cent) is in Europe, with generally less than 10 per cent in the US. Quaser also manufactures some machines for global OEMs.

(Quaser is one of the machine tool manufacturers visited during the TMTS 2018 Preview Press Conference Programme. TMTS 2018 is scheduled from November 7th to November 11th, at Taichung High Speed Rail Zone, Taichung, Taiwan)