Home automation solutions have become affordable and there are many advantages and options.

If you have recently constructed or purchased a new home then this might be the best time to buy Home Automation or IoT-driven smart home solutions because home automation is trending in India as well as across the world. Actually, smart solutions supported by IoT have become a requirement in well-known offices across India. Experts believe that making investments in the home automation solutions have become affordable now! 

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The DIY Movement in India

The DIY (Do It Yourself) idea has intensively entered the Indian market and has reached to the level of Home Automation. It has become very easy to set up smart sensors with easily accessible low-cost elements like SBCs (Single Board Computers), Light Microcontrollers, embedded sensors, UDOO, Banana PI, Raspberry Pi and more.

The DIY movement has emerged in India that has resulted into both young and old enthusiasts getting used to smart devices with their prime habitat to study and solve the problems, which were considered impossible until now. The majority of home automation solutions in India are provided to mitigate problems rotating around security, health, comfort, and wellness.

Why Use a Home Automation System?

Using a home automation system, you can drive out concerns of very expensive bills and also you don’t need to bother about remembering whether you have locked the main door or not. These smart home automation solutions convert your home to a smart home. Actually, any home automation system can control all the lights, appliances and compatible peripherals of your home.

Types of Home Automation Systems

You can install two types of home automation systems: The complete home automation and a home security system. The complete home automation systems suppose to be extra expensive having additional connectivity and features, particularly for home theatres. The complete home automation generally needs custom programming and wiring, which may take even weeks for preparations in a few cases.

Home security systems mainly focus on the home security; however also provide upgrades in home automation. All the upgrades do not move toward with same customisation or complexity, which a complete house automation company offers, notably with the lack of home theater integration. These professional solutions are generally more affordable and consist of home security monitoring. Both types of home automation systems are operated by mobile apps.

Key Players   

For home automation, there are many players around the world. Here are the leading names for home automation in India:


SharpNode is among the very few companies, which are making India feel proud in the home automation segment. The company provides hi-tech home security services.


Crestron is a company that provides home automation products at extremely impressive rates. So, Crestron is the best option for the clients having a low budget.


Control4 is among the big names of automation in India. It brings so many things for your home and it even syncs with the ZIgbee for making your home smarter.


Bticino targets customers having middle income. So, with a bit more cost, you can have a home automation system, which syncs with the Zigbee as well as KNX protocol.


Thasmai is a South Indian company that has captured the attention of many home automation customers.

Home Automation Transformation

For gadget-obsessed brains, the future in home automation is about complete control with lower costs.

Benefits of a Home Automation System

At construction level, it needs systematic planning to initiate smart home automation concepts. Homes might be well-fitted with different IoT-driven characteristics like smart meters, switches and sensors; these elements provide much more than merely energy savings and expand to smarter monitoring of your home. Separately, you can have better control on the areas which were measured as ‘out-of-reach’ beyond the basic level. Let’s take a quick look at some of the points:

Security: Home security shouldn't be your concern anymore. With automatic door locks, you may lock the doors from one location. You may also choose to get alerts every time when somebody enters your house, which allows you to constantly supervise your home.

Smart Appliances: These help in preserving electricity and cover-up the entire home atmosphere when you are not present physically to convey the message to the strangers that you are present whereas you aren’t.

Room Temperature Control: When you come back from work, then it generally takes some time to regulate your home’s internal temperature as per your comfort. The IoT automation systems may even work on the weeklong cycles as per the outside weather. It’s cost-effective and also helps in saving energy.

Heating & Cooling: Smart thermostat is the most common option in home automation. You may set it as per your wish so that the air conditioner won’t run to the fullest when you’re not at home. Before you enter your car, you may use your Smartphone app for turning on the heat so your home gets cozy when you reach there!

Better Comfort: A smart automation system will make the room cozy when you awake in the morning. Other motion sensors determine which rooms are well-occupied, and raise or low down the home temperature to help the well-occupied rooms reach the required temperature. It’s particularly helpful when you have a room which always remains too cool or too hot!

Save Energy: You can do savings in energy for areas except the heating and cooling of the home. Devices which draw energy when in the reserve mode or if plugged in may be completely close when not used reducing the home’s “heavy” load.

Save Water: Adding sprinkler controls in the home automation may lessen for the rebates whereas permits you to do controlling using your Smartphone app, for how much time the water will run, which will potentially cut in water bills significantly.

Keep an Eye on Your Home: Using home automation with the front-door camera, you can keep an eye on the visitors as well as respond audibly, making that appear as if you are at home even if you’re away!

Keep an Eye on Your Kids: With home automation system and video cameras attached to it, you can utilise a Smartphone app and see what the kids are doing while you are not at home. You can also provide voice commands using the cameras and speakers.

Controlling Small Appliances: You can utilise the home automation systems for turning different lights in the home On/Off and use different patterns, just like if somebody is at home and turning the lights On/Off when she moves in the house. You may also turn the radio or TV On/Off using a home automation system.

Bottom line

Eventually, getting the opportunity of giving appliances some voice commands as well as activating different features of the home automation system through a Smartphone app may become extremely convenient and will save your time and money. Without doubt, having enjoyment isn’t the main reason to make investments in the home automation systems; however it’s better to have fun the technology.

Luckily, now the people are investing time in learning about IoT-driven Smart Home Automation Solutions before making any investments. Without doubt, the Home Automation will certainly tighten the general security of your homes.