Wood impregnated with TSP 99 becomes water resistant and also resists fungal growth.


Wood is a versatile material having applications in industries like pharmaceutical industry (packaging), marine industry (ship building); and waterproof applications in industries like building and construction for kitchen and bathrooms.


Wood is a porous material and has a lot of crevices. Germs and bacteria are formed in these crevices and porosities. When water or moisture seeps into these porosities, the germs and bacteria lead to fungal growth and eventual wood decay. Thus, wood rots if exposed to water and humidity for extended amount of time.


Impregnation of wood using Teknoseal’s TSP99 Sealant can prevent this and makes wood usable in various applications.


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Water Resistance for Marine Applications

TSP 99 is used for marine plywood in ship building. Marine plywood is treated with chemicals to kill germs and thus to enable its usage in ships and bathrooms. As an alternative to this usage of chemical, wood impregnation process using TSP99 Sealant is done. Wood impregnation seals the crevices and porosities and entraps all existing fungi while preventing bacterial growth. TSP99 sealant is water resistant and is not affected by long exposures to water or moisture. It is the best way to give marine and water resistance to wood.


Improve machinability

TSP 99 is used for wooden door knobs. It is also used for improving machinability of wood and achieving smooth finish for objects and decorative pieces. It gives them body and solidity, along with enhancing the robustness and longevity of the showpiece. Impregnation provides a clean surface for wood, thus making it ready for high quality lacquering.


Avoid fungal growth for hygiene and health applications

TSP 99 is used in pharmaceutical industry for wooden palletisation. Medicines which are exported over long sea travel are packed in wooden pallets, which must not have any contaminants such as fungus or bacterial matter. For safety and hygiene reasons, it is very important that the wooden pallet is free from fungi and bacteria. This purpose is served by the process of impregnation on the wooden pallet whereby all crevices and porosities are sealed using TSP 99 sealant which does not allow any fungal growth.


Applications in Home, Fencing and Ship Building

TSP 99 is also useful in home building and construction. Marine plywood is generally used in modular kitchens and bathrooms. As it has a lot of moisture goes into the crevices which cause a fungal growth. We can impregnate this plywood to make it water resistant and thus prevent it from swelling. Thus it finds applications in building of ships, boats, canoes, oars, etc.


TSP 99 can be used as an effective replacement to Tanalith treatment for wooden fencing columns. As this impregnation material is not poisonous, using it in wooden fencing columns gives the required environmental resistance to wood, while preventing the probable hazards.

Thus, wood impregnation is an important and useful process in most of the applications of wood industry.


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