Redefining the Connected Welding World

With customers in railway, power, automotive and shipbuilding industries, Kemppi offers complete solutions of welding equipment.

Innovation has always been at the core of Kemppi’s operations
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Kemppi, the leading European arc welding technology company in India, redefines what is possible in the connected welding world. With its roots in Finland, this innovator of digital welding continues to grow in India.

“Innovation has always been at the core of Kemppi’s operations. We like to think that by continuously challenging conventional ways of manufacturing, it is possible to create new, more productive and safer ways to manufacture. Today, welding innovation is enabled by digitalisation. We talk about the Internet of WeldingTM, meaning globally connected manufacturing from the welders on the shop floor to universal multi-site welding management,” says Rashmi Ranjan Mohapatra, Managing Director of Kemppi India.

Manufacturing is estimated to have an enormous impact on the well-being of Indian economy according to the Make in India initiative of the current Government. Currently contributing 14% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the share of manufacturing is estimated to be up to 20% of the GDP of India in 2020.

“Achieving this growth demands a lot from all links in the manufacturing value chain. That is where digital welding can help by simplifying welding production, traceability and WPS management,” states Mohapatra.

Enormous need for qualified welders by 2020

With customers in railway, power, automotive and shipbuilding industries, Kemppi offers complete solutions of welding equipment, software and services for manual, mechanised and automated welding worldwide. In the last few years, welding quality management has been in the spotlight across several industries.

“In India, manufacturing companies are searching for more quality systems, which are integrated with EN/ASME standards. There will be an enormous need for qualified welders within the coming years. It has been estimated that India needs up to five million new qualified welders by 2020. This is a challenge for the whole manufacturing industry, and Kemppi wants to take a central role in this development,” Mohapatra continues.

Kemppi works closely together with national welding institutes, universities, and other professional development organisations. It is a member of a network covering 25 universities and colleges in India targeting to develop modern welding skills. The new skillset combining MIG, MAG, MMA and TIG with new generation technology is critical in ensuring the quality of welding in the midst of new materials and technologies, complex end-products and versatile customer demands.

R&D&I as the heart of Kemppi

“Research, development and innovation (R&D&I) form the heart of Kemppi. 10% of our annual turnover is allocated to R&D activities, and up to 50% of our development resources is dedicated to product testing. All this builds on our understanding of our customers’ needs and challenges as well as our commitment to solve them as intelligently as possible,” says Mohapatra to describe the core of the company.

Investments in R&D have certainly paid off. Kemppi was the first company in the welding world to introduce the inverter power source already in the 1970s. Since then, inverter technology has established its position as the most common power source technology in the world. The company continued to redefine existing technology solutions and was the first manufacturer in the world to use digital welding technology already in 1993.

Quality welds require quality equipment

The full potential of the Internet of WeldingTM was harnessed when Kemppi launched WeldEye, the universal welding management software in 2016. Last year also saw the rise of the most intelligent industrial welding system, the X8 MIG Welder, with native connectivity to the Internet, extremely precise and fast control of the arc, digital WPS feature, and an advanced yet practical Control Pad for the remote control of the welding system.

Automated processes improve productivity and profitability

Kemppi’s groundbreaking welding production and quality management software, WeldEye, has made a strong impression in India as well as in Europe. The versatile solution significantly simplifies the management of welding procedures and qualification certificates, allowing a great deal of time to be spent on more productive work. WeldEye also provides real-time information about the progress of projects and helps ensure weld traceability and compliance with international welding standards. The software has been developed by Kemppi and Weld industry, integrating the best features from both companies’ product development.

As automation advances, mechanised welding becomes more and more popular. Mechanisation improves welding quality and removes unnecessary defects, improving productivity and profitability. Kemppi provides fully integrated, complete solutions for mechanised welding, enabling precise quality control throughout the lifecycle of the equipment.

Future goals in sight

In 2016, foreign investments in India reached an all-time high, totalling 21.6 billion USD. The growth from the previous year was a staggering 30%. India continues to be an attractive target for global investments in 2017. Major reforms in power and infrastructure are expected in 2017. As welding is closely linked to these industries, its outlook for the current year is highly positive.

“This is a very exciting year for us. Kemppi India is expanding geographically into second tier towns and penetrating to the big cities. At the same time, we are expanding our product portfolio to better meet the versatile needs of the Indian manufacturing industry. We intend to grow our partner network significantly; our aim is to have 100 dealers in the next three years. And Kemppi India’s goal is to become the number one subsidiary in Kemppi. I have strong faith in our operations and expertise, and am confident we will reach our goals,” Mohapatra concludes.

“We also have our own component development to ensure our customers get sustainable premium products. The truth is that you cannot expect to have quality welds without quality equipment,” summarises Rashmi Ranjan Mohapatra, Managing Director of Kemppi India.


Kemppi – Company facts

  • Founded in 1949
  • Specialised in arc welding
  • Headquarters in Lahti, Finland
  • Over 600 employees
  • More than EUR 110 million in revenue
  • Offering consists of MIG, TIG, stick (MMA) for manual, mechanised and automated welding, welding software, and expert services
  • Offices in 16 countries and the APAC hub in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Two production plants in Lahti, Finland, and one in Chennai, India
  • Distributors in over 60 countries
  • Clients worldwide: regular export to over 70 different countries, and
  • ISO3834-2, ISO9001, and ISO14001 certified.


Photo 1: Rashmi Ranjan Mohapatra, Managing Director of Kemppi India

Photo 2: The A7 TIG Orbital System

Photo 3: Kemppi X8 MIG Welder

Photo 4: The A7 MIG Welder 450 Robot.