Retaining expert staff with occupational safety: Against this background, KEMPER GmbH introduces its extraction technology portfolio during the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN in Dusseldorf (September 25-29, 2017).

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    Extraction and filter systems for the metal-processing industry.

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    Welding fumes and smoke extraction.

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The focus is on the advanced Industry 4.0 solution KEMPER Connect. The Internet-of-Things concept (IoT) controls extraction plants and room ventilation systems autonomously. The manufacturer shows innovations in the field of burner-integrated welding fumes extraction and extraction tables for cutting applications with VacuFil 125 and KEMPER The Slagger. KEMPER will be celebrating its 40th anniversary during the tradeshow.

“Companies without effective occupational safety measures are threatened by a shortage of skilled labour: We can see this trend clearly in the entire sector,” says Björn Kemper, Managing Director at KEMPER GmbH. The new generation of metal processing workers are more aware of health protection than they were some years ago. Aside from threshold rules, KEMPER has promoted the usefulness of occupational safety for staff retention since the company was founded. “Based on this background, extraction technology is steadily gaining relevance in metal processing.” Today, it is not just about the extraction of hazardous material at the source, but monitoring of the entire hall air.

Internet of Things for occupational safety

A focus of our trade show appearance is plant networking for air purification technology. Since this year, companies are using them in practice. KEMPER introduces already advances for the IoT concept KEMPER Connect as well as for the central air monitoring and control system AirWatch. This communicates independently with the air purification systems such as CleanAirTower and controls them. KEMPER also presents the stand-alone tower with disposable filter for the first time. Companies can also monitor the plant communication in the production hall and integrate further IoT systems using a new B2B portal.

KEMPER is dedicated to the trend of burner integrated suction with VacuFil 125. Previously despised by welders as unwieldy, the system has grown in demand recently. The compact and mobile high vacuum extraction system with cleanable filter is designed for one workstation and captures large quantities of smoke and dust. The new device is suitable for permanent use while welding.

The Slagger extraction technology for the first time in Europe

In addition to occupational safety equipment for welders, KEMPER also introduces a new extraction technology for thermal cutting applications. The new extraction table KEMPER The Slagger – slagger technology is already successful in the USA – creates an ideal material support for sheet metal, protects staff during production against large cutting dust quantities and furthermore reduces downtime for cleaning or maintenance. Using an automatic discharge system, the extraction table disposes the accumulating slag and small parts in a container.

40 years after founding KEMPER GmbH, the manufacturer of extraction plants and filter systems is celebrating its milestone birthday during the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN. At the new stand, the visitor is introduced to the entire world of occupational safety equipment. In addition to extraction technology, the company also showcases partition wall systems and personal protective equipment. KEMPER can be found in hall 11 at booth 11F22 from 25th to 29th September.

KEMPER GmbH is a manufacturer of extraction and filter systems for the metal-processing industry. This medium-size family company with registered office in Vreden, Westphalia, is a technology leader with its highly efficient extraction systems that are capable of filtering even ultra-fine dust particles from the air that are generated together with welding fumes. The product portfolio includes extraction tables for cutting processes and the entire accessory chain for work protection and air purity retention for the metalworking, electro and automotive industries. The company also offers air purification technology for various sectors. KEMPER was founded in 1977 and has approximately 300 employees to date. As well as the headquarters in Vreden, Germany, the company also has a production site in Prague (Czech Republic). The Vreden-based company is represented all over the world with its eight subsidiaries and numerous permanent trading partners.