Instrumentation Experts Club is celebrating its 15th Anniversary with a 3-day International Conference and Exhibition in early October 2017.

Expanding Knowledge Base for Instrumentation Society
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Founded in the Year 2002, the Instrumentation Experts Club is a leading, Indian non-profit organisation that is setting the standard for industrial automation by helping corporate members and other instrumentation professionals to remain at forefront of knowledge in this highly competitive society while enhancing their leadership and personal career capabilities.


IEC was launched with the mission to provide sustained identity and facilitate global competitiveness of the Instrumentation Industry in the Indian subcontinent, to be achieved by continuous exchange of ideas on evolving technologies, training and manpower development and establishing a strong knowledge base for the entire instrumentation society.


The vision is to evolve into an unbiased non-profit, apex instrumentation body of experts from end-users, engineering consultants, vendors and institutions sharing core competence and cutting edge technology for improvement in quality of life


IEC members come from various segments of industry including very reputed national and international organisations and visionary individuals from PSUs of repute who with their continuous engagement has helped IEC to achieve the seamless flow of latest technology in the subject matter of Industrial Automation and Control.


IEC is the brainchild of and headed by one of the India’s most dynamic icons in Instrumentation and Controls – Dr B R Mehta, Sr Vice President, Reliance Industries. Under his supervision, many likeminded and equally experienced professionals in this dominion joined together to happily contribute in the activities of this prestigious organisation.


The Grand Event

IEC is now organising a grand celebration in the form of a 3-day International Conference and Exhibition at Hotel Westin, Goregaon, Mumbai, from 6th to 8th October 2017, to mark 15 successful years.


Through this exposition IEC seeks to fulfill its passion of Knowledge Enhancement, by:

  • Bringing together customers, solution providers, engineering consultants & suppliers
  • Showcase the benefits of automation technology
  • Develop standards for industry
  • Stay connected with the latest developments around the globe, and
  • Create networking opportunities for the professionals.


The event will be triggered by the stalwarts of the instrumentation and automation organisations in the form of a Keynote Address and CEO Conclave. This kind of a conclave not only sets the tone for impending dimensions of industry and technology but also gives all the participants and wonderful overview of the past, present and the future. Several Keynote speakers have been invited who are renowned in this field.


ECU and IEC Honours & Awards

IEC has collaborated with the European Continental University for Doctorate, Masters and international Golden excellence awards to honour various achievers in the field of Instrumentation, Automation & IT. This is a unique association which has been created first time in India to highlight the achievements of many of the professional experts in India who have contributed in very unique way towards the instrumentation and automation in Industry which has created a positive mark in the society.