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IED Communications Pvt. Ltd. has been a Global Leader in Engineering Innovation & Integration since the 1980s. It has been pivotal in leading automation and its growth in India through its products and services.

IED Communications has been connecting buyers and suppliers across the global automation industry through its magazine- Industrial Automation and its exhibition- Automation Expo. The organization has been introducing new trends, technology, products and know-how in every sector of Automation- from industrial automation, automotive management, to home automation & automation in healthcare. The organization has been providing multiple platforms of interaction between all the stakeholders of this rapidly expanding industry in India.

IED Communications has been endeavoring to understand the requirements of the economy and the rapidly evolving ecosystem to showcase integrated solutions from engineering and automation for a better development.

IED Communications is working with zeal to enable every industry in India and its neighboring countries to smoothly integrate automation as a part of their livelihood.

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